The New Moon of May

As we wind down the month of May and head into Memorial Weekend here in the USA, the light in our nighttime sky begins to disappear for a few short evenings, and prepares a space for each of us to go deep within our own personal darkness.

Darkness should not be considered a bad or scary place; even though movies seem to always paint it as a place where demons, monsters and horrors hide. Instead, think of the darkness as a thick, warm blanket of empty possibilities and potentiality. As a blanket, every aspect of you is wrapped in its boundless ethereal space, providing an unlimited expanse for you to be present, create and/or release that which you no longer choose to endure or entertain.

Wednesday, May 24th, is the start of May’s 3-days of the New Moon.

  • Take some time to embrace the quiet power of this New Moon.
  • Give yourself permission to view the darkness inside and outside your sphere of existence.
  • Feel the differences between the 2, then allow them to merge in and around you.
  • Surrender your thoughts while you open your heart.
  • Relax your muscles as you quiet your breath.
  • Now, slowly and patiently, allow all of the Universal Healing Energies to move in, around and through you; synchronizing your Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul with the natural flow and rhythm of Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon and the heavenly celestrial bodies.

The Sun watches all I do, but the Moon knows all of my secrets….J.M. Wonderland

April’s New Moon

The 3-days of April’s New Moon begins Tuesday, the 25th, reaching its apex on Wednesday, the 26th, at 8:18AM eastern time. A New Moon always signifies a time of new beginnings, rebirth, and regeneration. And, while the new moon cycle runs for a full 28 days, the best time to begin any new projects or plans is during the first 2-weeks of the cycle (until May 10th).

This New Moon comes in the middle of a Mercury Retrograde. As many of you know, most planets go retrograde from time to time, with very little effect felt by most of us mere mortals. However, Mercury in Retrograde is more like Murphy’s Law in action…’what can go wrong, will go wrong’, especially in the areas of communications, computers, and relationships. With Mercury in Retrograde, you can expect to feel its influence during this New Moon, especially in the areas of communications and relationships.

During this coming New Moon, influenced by Mercury Retrograde, take time to tend to your own wants and needs.

  • On Tuesday, the 25th, pick one thing you want to accomplish within the next 28-days that is simply, just for you. Too often when setting goals for ourselves, we try to chose goals that will benefit others as well as ourselves. Don’t do that this time. With Mercury in Retrograde, it could back fire on you.
  • Be realistic. If there is a chance you won’t accomplish the goal within the next 28-days, establish a milestone that is achievable.
  • On Wednesday morning, as the moon begins to set, make an offering to Grandmother Moon while stating your personal goal or intention. Visualize the results. Then, live the day as though you have already accomplished your goal.
  • Wednesday night, if possible, fill a tub of hot water and add your favorite scented oils, bubble bath, Epsom salts, etc., and commit again to your personal goal or intention. Bathe yourself in the image and sensation of achieving what you set out to attain.
  • On Thursday, establish a plan to achieve your goal or intention. Keep the plan simple. Make changes when necessary, but never lose sight of your goal or the milestones you want to reach.

Achieving your goals will take more than a simple commitment. It will take effort each and every day. It may take some ‘self-talk’ and reminders of why this is important to you. As the New Moon grows in its light, so too will the results of your effort.

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.”

-Theodore Roosevelt



Something to Ponder… Passion or Purpose

I started this month writing about passion…as this April happens to be the month of passion. I presented questions that would hopefully lead you towards discovering or uncovering your passion(s); those things that fill you up, send energy coursing through your veins, or put you in a space of contentment, feeling alive and engaged, or in some way, committed. We can get a glimpse of what our passions might have been by looking back at our childhood hopes and dreams.

When I think back to my childhood, I remember seeing myself growing up to be a lawyer, criminal psychologist or a vice president in some business organization. And, while I did manage to attain the title of vice president and president, I never became a lawyer or criminal psychologist. As a young person, how was I to know that my passion was about justice, equality and taking care of those who needed a helping or guiding hand?

That passion has never left me. In my corporate days I sometimes found myself at odds with corporate policy; leaning backwards to help the employee before holding firm on some pointless policy. In my free time I volunteered at a women’s and children’s abuse center, giving support, direction and assurances to those in domestic or sexual abuse situations.

As my interest or commitment to the corporate arena began to wane, I found myself getting more and more involved in helping others physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I questioned what my purpose was; why was I getting so involved in other people’s lives and trauma? Was I here to right some wrong? To develop a healing technique that would cure cancer? Remove emotional scarring? Free the troubled spirit? Bring about world peace via my psychic abilities? How grandiose was my purpose? Or, was I just a wandering soul with no purpose at all?

Years have passed since I wandered into the world of spiritual coaching, healing and mentoring. I have spent decades coming to better understand my passions, thoughts, beliefs, intentions, and the deeper desires of my soul. I have learned that I am a part of the whole; not more or less, but an equal part. I believe that if you see yourself as part of the whole, then you see the inter-connectedness of all that is; that we are all connected as one living, breathing, vibration of loving energy.

I’m sure you have heard it said that ‘we are all connected’, but what does that mean? How can you comprehend something that you can’t see, touch or smell? I am me and you are you, separate and individual. Right? So how do you go from ‘seeing’ separate and individual to feeling and knowing the deep, penetrating connectedness? The wholeness? How do you move from seeking ‘your purpose’ to recognizing ‘there is but one purpose’?

Take a look at a teacher. Teachers don’t just teach. Their ‘life’s purpose’ isn’t to just stand in front of a classroom and teach a subject. What they do is commit to helping others; all those who enter their classroom or their lives. By standing in front of a classroom and teaching a subject, they come to know the students they teach, pass along life lessons to help guide and direct them through their coming years, while acting as a knowledgeable, available resource to those who need one. The same can be said about police officers, fire fighters, nurses, and military personnel. We can even include politicians, corporate CEOs, entertainers, sports figures, etc. (although they are often not quite as obvious).  The list goes on and on. Why? Because we are all connected and here for a single, all inclusive purpose. It is time to change how you ask the question … ‘what is my purpose’. Changing that question to ‘what is the purpose’ takes the separate, individual idea of self and turns it into a global, ‘we are all connected and one’ concept.

Trying to figure out what your specific and unique purpose is can create a lot of pressure. What if you get it wrong? What if you aren’t any good at it? What if you are so good at it, it takes over your life and you die from not being clever enough in its use or execution? If you think about it, passion and purpose are pretty closely linked. If your next question is, ‘what if I don’t know what I am passionate about?’ … then you need to think back to the ‘good ol’ days’ when you were a child. What did you do that kept you so engrossed that you lost track of time? Or, what did you do that never got boring? What did you dream of becoming or doing when you grew up? What things were or are so interesting, you just want to keep reading, learning or doing more of? The key to finding your passion lies in the answers to those questions.

As I walk slowly into the world of retirement, I have found a passion for making jewelry. I love the creative aspect of it, and the healing properties of the stones and designs. Not only are the pieces often intended to help the wearer physically, mentally and spiritually, but each piece seems to become an intimate experience and expression of its own.

But my passion for justice, feeding hungry children and equality for women still reigns strong, and at times, fiercely within me. Whatever I do in those areas supports the purpose. Whatever jewelry I may make, is part of the purpose. Whatever joy I feel or am able to give to others, is for the purpose … the purpose of all, all life, all consciousness, all creation, and all that lives within the web of connectedness.

I no longer ask the question ‘what is my purpose’. Instead, I know that no matter what I do that engages my passion, will bring me joy, happiness, peace and contentment. And in that inter-connectedness, that same joy, happiness, peace and contentment will filter throughout, moving us closer to our true essence of love.



Spring’s Full Moon

Don’t you just love spring? Everything the sun touches seems to suddenly come to life. The days no longer end at 5:30 or 6:00pm. The warmth of the breeze is almost mesmerizing as it blows through the trees, the grasses and across your face. You can sense the return of life once again in all that surrounds you.

Tuesday, April 11th at 2:08am, Grandmother Moon will be at her fullest and Venus will be nearing the end of its retrograde and going direct in 4-days. The passion of this month, this cycle, will be nearing its peak this week. As its intensity begins to ebb, carrying you gently with it, where will you find yourself emotionally? spiritually? energetically?

  • Will you continue to put forth the focus and energy to take responsibility and get involved in your own personal goals and passion?
  • Will you let go and relax into the awareness of the shifts and changes that are making themselves present within you?
  • Will you embrace your passion or set it aside?

We are continuously given opportunities to engage and embrace those talents or passions that exist within us. They excite us, drive us, tease us, and lift us in our minds and spirit. Too often we kick them to the side thinking they are silly, irrelevant, impossible, or a waste of our valuable time. Or maybe, stymied by the fear of being thought a fool or of failing in its pursuit.

Whatever your talent or passion, it is one of the gifts that is uniquely yours. While we are all unique in our own way, it is that uniqueness that contributes to and strengthens the complex web of life…of ALL life. Not just your life or my life, but of the entire circle of life.

Do not deny your passion or try to change it. Engage in it and allow its energetic vibration to awaken a deeper spirit of life within you; strengthening your connection to that complex web of ALL life.

Something to Ponder…Mentors and Teachers

According to Webster’s Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary, a mentor is a wise and trusted counselor while a teacher is a person who teaches or instructs. I have had many teachers in my life, as I am sure you have too. From the time you took your first breath you were surrounded by teachers; teaching you how to feed yourself, walk, talk, right from wrong, reading, writing and arithmetic, family, friends and relationships, etc., etc. You were a clean slate when arrived here and placed in the arms of your mother and fussed over by family. And they were the first teachers to begin filling up your slate.

Through the years I encountered a few mentors; those who knew more than me and spent their time and energy to guide me. When I was trying to make my way through the world of corporate business, I was taken under my boss’ wing and given opportunities to excel in the world of information technology. When I was confused by my intuitive abilities, I found myself setting across from a woman who unselfishly taught me how to develop and use these gifts, and set me on a path of self-realization and spiritual awakening. There were many caring and giving teachers along the way, but my mentors seemed to always have a way of pushing me beyond my comfort zone and opening windows so I could fly.

One such mentor was a chiropractor. He pushed me so far out of my comfort zone I doubt that I would have ever had the courage to do the things I have accomplished these past 15 years. Because he pushed me to further define and understand who I was, what I could or couldn’t do, and how I view life spiritually, he made it possible for me to ‘find’ my last spiritual mentor. One who taught me about ceremony, Spirit and walking the good red road.

So while I view a teacher as someone who helps you understand something, a subject, or concept, a mentor is someone who helps you find yourself, your way, your voice, and perhaps your soul.

Who were your mentors? And, what did you learn?


April’s Passion

What are you passionate about? Do you have a passion? Is it for a cause? A sport? Politics? A religious belief? Family? Friends? Work? What is it that gets your heart pumping and feeds you with adrenaline? Has it changed over the years or remained the same? Does it have the same intensity today as it did 3 years ago?

Experience tells me that passion can rise and fall, like the ebb and flow and tides of great waters. Each time the tide rolls in to meet the shore, it brings with it a different intensity. With strong winds behind it, it may come crashing loudly onto the shoreline. When accompanied by more gentle breezes, the surf appears more tranquil in nature, softly reaching the shore and slowly, methodically ebbing back into its waters. In many ways, April will reflect that same ebb and flow.

To awaken Mother Earth to her fullest, the waters (her blood) must be able to flow freely in and around her. The coldness held in the roots of the trees and other vegetation must be warmed and nurtured by the sun, and nourished by her waters. April is a month of passion; the passion of washing away the slumber of the old season and preparing the way for the awakening, growth and freshness of the new season. Each season comes to us fresh and new, but it is that time of transitioning where you can begin to witness and experience Mother Nature’s intense passion; e.g., in her storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, mudslides, and flooding.

During this month of April, you may find an awakening happening deep within you; an arising passion for your own Self and well-being. With Venus in retrograde, you may find your subconscious randomly dragging up memories of relationships and emotional events from your past. Be aware of them. Like the waters of Mother Earth, allow them to ebb and flow within you, waking up and washing away any old, negative, destructive emotions, and letting in (or replacing it with) healthy, new, nurturing emotions and sensations. Give yourself permission to move beyond the hurts and wounds of the past and instead, arouse the passion within you to stand in the place of health, healing and happiness.

Throughout the month of April, continue to explore your passion. Do you live each day with passion? Even if you are stuck in a boring, dead-end job, go to work committed to doing your best. If you are engaged and present in everything that you do, and if you do your work with a sense of pride, regardless of what it is, you will lift yourself up out of the doldrums and find pleasure in the present.

Take a moment to examine those things you are passionate about.

  • Make a list.
  • Has your priorities or interests changed over the years?
  • What passions are you engaged in now?
  • What were you engaged in, in the past?
  • Is your name on the list?
  • Are you passionate about your health?
    • Happiness?
    • Relationships?
    • Beliefs?
    • Practices?
    • Life?
  • What will you do to engage more deeply?

New Moon of March 27th

This New Moon carries with it the spirit of newness; the sense of glowing originality. We have had other New Moons and witnessed the vestiges of spring slowly creep across the landscape. So what makes this one so new, so fresh, so exciting? Because this New Moon arrives during a Venus retrograde.

Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love, influences our relationships, emotions, and desires. She is also the goddess of victory, beauty, fertility and satisfying carnal appetites, favors and desires. During retrograde, it is best to err on the side of caution when entering into or trying to maintain intimate relationships. It is generally during a Venus retrograde that people find themselves reacting, responding, or otherwise behaving in a way they may come to regret later.

As we move into this time of the New Moon, begin to establish your springtime boundaries. Whether these boundaries are about the amount of time you spend at work, play or relaxing, or about building up or taking apart relationship(s), structures or habits, boundaries help guide you towards the goals and ideals you want in your life. It provides the basis for you to mold and model how you want to live, learn and grow; now, and into the future.

  • Identify one goal you want to accomplish between now and June 21st, the summer solstice.
  • How much time will you need to set aside to complete this goal?
  • How will this goal effect you? others?
  • Is there anything you need to do upfront to aid in the success of your goal?
  • What resources do you need, if any?
    • Do you have to acquire these resources or are they already available to you?
  • Layout a plan that identifies each task you will need to complete per week to accomplish your goal, along with a start and end date (if there is an end date).
  • How will you measure the success of your goal?

With this year’s theme being responsibility and involvement, now is the perfect time to step out, get involved and take responsibility for making this world a better place … for everyone.