Spiritual Life Coach

The goal of Spiritual Coaching is to help a person find and better understand their true authentic Self. Through this understanding, you will find your place in this hectic and chaotic world we live in … with all its challenges and surprises.

Everything you know and believe to be true, someone in your past has taught you; whether from books, movies, teachers, peers, religious leaders, parents, relatives, or the internet. You are a compilation of other people’s beliefs and understanding. So the question becomes … who are you really?

There are many self-help books and seminars out there that will help you cope with whatever stresses or nuances going on in your life today. Many people have found great relief and comfort in reading and hearing the stories of other people who have walked a similar path as their own. But does the advice and guidance found in the books and seminars truly reflect your circumstances, emotions and life? Probably not completely, if at all.

Most off-the-shelf, canned ‘remedies’ are designed to help you emotionally feel better, at least in the short term. To truly find and understand who you are really cannot be accomplished through off-the-shelf, canned remedies. This is a very personal and private journey one takes with a trusted, experienced coach and teacher. To uncover and realize your own unique spiritual Self, will open your own doors to health, happiness and sense of well-being. Spiritual happiness equals personal happiness and fulfillment.

I will help you uncover and develop a solid and sustainable belief system that is yours to own and honor. Whether your personal ideology stems from traditional religious practices or philosophies, or encompasses a more eclectic mix from world religions, your spiritual approach should reflect your spiritual beliefs and needs. This core belief system should also lead you to the answers of your deepest, most personal questions. Having studied and practiced various religions and philosophies, I am able to help guide you through the labyrinth of messages, ideals, and dogma that is often woven into our psyche from early on in your life.

No one knows just how long they have left here on Mother Earth, in this incarnation, walking this journey. What are you waiting for?

I believe strongly in the old saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. It has been true in my life, and I know it to be true for others.

Everyone is a teacher, if you just pay attention.

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