Spiral Balancing

This remarkable healing technique balances, expands, and shifts all of the subtle energies of the healing receiver.  At the beginning of a Spiral Balancing session, the energy center of the heart (known as the heart chakra) is opened and cleansed, allowing the receiver to leave behind personal concerns and enter into a more universal state of consciousness.  As awareness rests into the heart chakra, you begin sensing a feeling of warmth, expansion or vibration in that area.  As awareness moves from chakra to chakra (energy center to energy center), this feeling of warmth and expansion begins to come to rest in each of the body’s energy centers, and engulfs the entire body.

As the session progresses, each chakra, in a specific order, is activated and initially spiraled in a counterclockwise direction.  A minimum of 60 chakras (there are more than 100 chakras in the body) are activated in this manner and allowed to spiral for approximately 15-20 minutes flushing out toxic energy and any contaminates lodged inside and around the chakras.  Then each chakra is spiraled in a clockwise rotation and placed back into the body … leaving the body to feel fluid, cleansed, and airy.

It has been said that ‘the person has been wrung out’ and left in a state of complete and total harmony.  This sensation is akin to no other sensation of the its kind.  Through Spiral Balancing, all of the body’s emotional, mental, physical and spiritual layers are brought into balance, leaving you feeling centered, focused, grounded and in a state of complete and total peace and harmony.

Initially, you may feel tired, but not drained.  The sense of fatigue is due to the complete lifting of everyday sensations … tension, aches, pains, nonstop thoughts and brain activity, increased blood pressure, headaches, worry, stress, etc.

Without the ‘weight’ of these sensations, the body returns to its most natural and harmonic state.  In fact, many physical impairments have been reported to improve or self-correct!  Sleep will be welcomed and unencumbered and you wake refreshed, but still in an altered, focused, centered, and grounded state.  Everything will seem to move a little slower because your internal clock has been reset to its original natural state, allowing you to be fully in the moment, and consciously aware.

The hara line, that runs through the center of your body, will be balanced and both sides of your body will be in perfect harmony.  A greater sense of clarity will be prevalent regardless of what you may be doing or experiencing.

Spiral Balancing takes you to the point of simply being, often looking inward.  While the session will last two hours, the process that is started within you will last about 90 days on both the physical and emotional layers of the body.

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