Private Reading Sessions

There are times in our life when we simply need a little guidance. Individual private readings are designed for that purpose.

It is important to understand that when receiving a reading, your Spiritual Guides are not going to tell you what you should or should not do. They may give you some insight into choices you have available to you, and the effects of those choices. But they will not tell you what to do.

The information given at the time of the reading is based on your established patterns … the direction you are currently taking and the basis of your decision making or choices. Quite often when a person receives a reading, based on the information obtained they may change their attitude or intention towards people or events in their life. These changes can alter future outcomes.

People often ask if they can record our sessions. The answer is yes … however, I don’t always record. What I mean by that statement is that my voice isn’t always picked up by the recorder. My suggestion  is to bring a pad of paper and a pen so you can write down what you hear and want to remember. I also encourage clients to bring along pictures or other items that hold a special memory or ‘energy’.

When doing a reading, I am stepping into your world. I do not want to intrude or to pry into areas of your life that you prefer to keep private. Instead I ask that you bring your questions to me. Once the reading starts, you can ask me your questions and I will be happy to pass along the answers to you. If there is additional information your Spirit Guides want to pass along, I will relay that to you as well. However, being a private person myself, I prefer to only go where I am directed.  I find most readings have a natural flow and order to them. As you ask your questions, the Spirit Guides will provide the information you need and will help you understand the importance and nature of their responses.

I receive information in a variety of ways. Sometimes I simply repeat what is said, and at other times I see pictures or a series of scenes that I might relay to you. But it is always my goal to NOT interpret but to pass along exactly what is presented. Whatever comes to me during your reading, will be given to you.

Through the years I have helped hundreds of people understand the journey they are on and the path they are walking; what they brought into this lifetime with them and how it can best serve them; what their past, current and future challenges are and why; and, how to reach their ultimate goals.

The work I do is very private and personal … for you and for me. What some might call a ‘simple reading’ is anything but that. It is a uniting of spirits, and a joining of inner personal space.

If interested, ask me how I can help you get in touch with your own intuitive ability, and help you connect and communicate with those who guide, love and look after you.

Enjoy a 45-minute face-to-face reading from Gayle in the sacred space of her office … $100.00

Cash and credit cards are accepted. To set up an appointment, call or email Gayle at 248-343-3890 or


Or, would you prefer to call from the comfort of your own home? You will get the same 45-minute reading, complete with answers to all your questions  … $100.00

Prepare your list of questions you want answered, then call or email Gayle to set up your appointment. Your credit card information will be taken at that time, or you can use the PayPal Button!


Or, are you too busy to sit for a consultation and would prefer to receive the reading via email? All of your questions will be answered, and any additional information your Guides want to pass along will be provided as well … $200.00 

Simply order your reading through PayPal, then prepare an email with your list of questions you want answered, including your name and the names of those who will be referenced or included in your reading. Send your email to Be sure to include in your subject line the word “reading”. Your reading will be returned to you using the same email address you used to send your questions.

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