Personal Life Skills Group Program

Ever wonder who you are really? Ever wonder about your place in this vast, fast paced, crazy world we live in? Well … that is EXACTLY what this program is designed to help you find and understand!! Spiritual growth is a very personal journey. One cannot have spiritual growth without personal growth, however one can have personal growth without spiritual growth. So, this program is designed to facilitate balanced, nurtured growth for the whole of you.

We will meet twice a month as a small (6 or fewer) group and once a month individually. The individual sessions are meant to help guide you through (or to) your own personal spiritual growth. The group sessions help to support and move you through an understanding and awareness of your own imposed imagery of life, reality, and consciousness … while facilitating in-depth discussion. To further support your growth between sessions, you are asked to do some work on your own.

The cost for this program is $159 per month, and you are asked to make a 3-month commitment to the program. A new group will begin in the fall of 2015.

What Others Have Said About The Program


I absolutely loved the group. It played a very important part of my life. It helped me connect my everyday life more with continuing to work on my spiritual/essence growth. Previous years I worked on work during the school year, and my personal growth during the summer. I have always wanted these two integrated in my life and not have such separation. I have grown so much in the past 6 months. It is reflected in how I manage my time, priorities, thought processes and even my down time. I feel that the personal growth group has helped me come in touch with myself at a deeper level. I look at my role in all of my relationships differently. I drink less, try to sleep more.

The other thing I loved was the sense of community that was developed with other members. It was/is helpful to hear how others have many similar issues and how they are handling  them. It was a group where I felt like I belong, this is something I don’t feel very often.


I enjoyed the group and feel like I walked away with a better understanding of beliefs I carried that really weren’t mine. Also, I had a great visual of one of my guides and connected with both grammas in one of your meditations. The most difficult thing for me was figuring out who I AM! I feel the one on one sessions were VERY beneficial for me.


I found the PSP program to be extremely beneficial. The program really helped me to open up and develop myself spiritually. My favorite part was learning from you in our personal one on one meetings. Your guidance and lessons have been instrumental in my life. I found it helpful to hear your “lesson;” to be able to discuss it with others; and to further extend the lesson by having “homework.” I found it extremely comforting to be in the presence of others who were willing to “expose” themselves and learn together in a safe non-threatening environment. Everyone spoke their truth. No one was judgmental and it taught me a lot. It is SO nice to know that others have issues they are sorting out too. Now I don’t feel feel so isolated…


It forced me to look inside and the retreat was another great way of doing that…I am humble enough to say that I do not have all of the answers and do not know much of anything… was nice to work with you as my teacher and meet the others through laughter, sharing, enjoying the energy in the room….

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