New Moon of July, 2017

The fullness of this month’s New Moon appears early Sunday morning, July 23rd. As we continue to move through this month of spiritual movement, embrace the absence of Grandmother Moon’s light and instead, reveal to yourself and all who see you the light that glows within your heart and soul; your essence. Each of us enters this world, this life, with our own flame of life and light; the flame and light of love. We often witness it in the faces of babies and young children; sometimes called the look of innocence. We continue to carry that flame all through our lives; but unfortunately, all too often we forget it is there, and instead look outside ourselves for that ever elusive light of love.

Use this time of darkness to grow and glow your own light of love. Allow it to light your way. If you find yourself feeling lost, out of balance, confused or depressed, take a moment to quiet your mind. Then, reaching deep within you, feel the warmth, comfort and strength of your own brilliant light. Allow the light to expand outward, lighting everything in your presence, including you.

If you want to continue your spiritual movement now and throughout the remainder of this year, grow your own flame and light of love. It will help burn away those hours of darkness. The basis of your future is all up to you.

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