The Spirit of Movement – July

July is an interesting month. June was all about celebrations, holding positive energies and attitudes, and peppered with some revelations of Self. July, on the other hand, is about movement; the movement forward, backward or sidestepping.

Many of us in the northern hemisphere spend our winter months longing for the return of those warmer, sunnier days of summer. We entertain thoughts and dreams of what we would do when freed from the confines of short, dreary, cold winter days. We plan trips to beaches, parks, festivals and out of town locations. We plan for family gatherings, seeing friends, and spending time planting gardens, mowing lawns, doing home improvements and conquering other major and minor chores.

July’s energetic imprint is one of ‘full steam ahead’. With the Sun’s masculine energy coupled with Mother Earth’s feminine energy, the spirit of movement (or growth) is in abundance. For example, if you planted a garden, lawn, shrubs or trees within the last couple of months, you are witnessing the spirit of movement in action. The same spirit that causes plants, trees and grasses to grow directly effects you; through your thoughts, attitudes, intentions, moods, aspirations, and well-being.

Use the spirit of movement to grow your own positive thoughts and attitude.

  • When you find yourself talking, reacting or otherwise reflecting a negative attitude, ask yourself if this is the type of person you want to be, now and into the future.
  • If you find yourself gossiping about others or saying hurtful things, stop and ask yourself why this behavior is so important to you.
  • If you find yourself judging another person for their actions, words or appearance, take a moment to look into a mirror and see if that judgment has improved or hindered your own status in some way.

Use the spirit of movement to set or establish your own intentions, mood and aspirations.

  • Using the masculine heat from Grandfather Sun and the feminine energy and nurturing from Mother Earth, take a few minutes each day to allow this spirit of movement to grow in your heart a sense of worth, purpose and determination.
  • When feeling less than optimistic or positive, spend some time in nature, touch a tree, walk barefoot, or sit in the grass or on a bench. Allow yourself the freedom to breathe in some fresh air, touch the face of Mother Earth, and be embraced by Grandfather Sun’s warming rays.
  • Whatever your aspirations, think about them when out of doors; energizing your thoughts, dreams and goals with the spirit of movement from all of Nature.

Use the spirit of movement to support and bolster your sense of well-being.

  • If you find yourself being plagued by doubts, fears or anxiety, take some time and go to the beach or a park. Find a place near water where you can swim or just watch the waves roll in and back out. The ebb and flow motion will help to relieve the unwanted (and warranted) emotional stress and help reset your internal rhythm.
  • Our body has a way of signaling when changes begin to take place within it. Sometimes it is simply signals due to physical stress or mental overload. If you can find a cedar tree, pull a small amount of the fern, rub it together between your fingers and breathe in the healthful fragrance. Its aroma will signal the brain to relax.

“Summer is the time when one sheds one’s tensions with one’s clothes, and the right kind of day is jeweled balm for the battered spirit. A few of those days and you can become drunk with the belief that all’s right with the world.”
–  Ada Louise Huxtable

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