Something to Ponder… Passion or Purpose

I started this month writing about passion…as this April happens to be the month of passion. I presented questions that would hopefully lead you towards discovering or uncovering your passion(s); those things that fill you up, send energy coursing through your veins, or put you in a space of contentment, feeling alive and engaged, or in some way, committed. We can get a glimpse of what our passions might have been by looking back at our childhood hopes and dreams.

When I think back to my childhood, I remember seeing myself growing up to be a lawyer, criminal psychologist or a vice president in some business organization. And, while I did manage to attain the title of vice president and president, I never became a lawyer or criminal psychologist. As a young person, how was I to know that my passion was about justice, equality and taking care of those who needed a helping or guiding hand?

That passion has never left me. In my corporate days I sometimes found myself at odds with corporate policy; leaning backwards to help the employee before holding firm on some pointless policy. In my free time I volunteered at a women’s and children’s abuse center, giving support, direction and assurances to those in domestic or sexual abuse situations.

As my interest or commitment to the corporate arena began to wane, I found myself getting more and more involved in helping others physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I questioned what my purpose was; why was I getting so involved in other people’s lives and trauma? Was I here to right some wrong? To develop a healing technique that would cure cancer? Remove emotional scarring? Free the troubled spirit? Bring about world peace via my psychic abilities? How grandiose was my purpose? Or, was I just a wandering soul with no purpose at all?

Years have passed since I wandered into the world of spiritual coaching, healing and mentoring. I have spent decades coming to better understand my passions, thoughts, beliefs, intentions, and the deeper desires of my soul. I have learned that I am a part of the whole; not more or less, but an equal part. I believe that if you see yourself as part of the whole, then you see the inter-connectedness of all that is; that we are all connected as one living, breathing, vibration of loving energy.

I’m sure you have heard it said that ‘we are all connected’, but what does that mean? How can you comprehend something that you can’t see, touch or smell? I am me and you are you, separate and individual. Right? So how do you go from ‘seeing’ separate and individual to feeling and knowing the deep, penetrating connectedness? The wholeness? How do you move from seeking ‘your purpose’ to recognizing ‘there is but one purpose’?

Take a look at a teacher. Teachers don’t just teach. Their ‘life’s purpose’ isn’t to just stand in front of a classroom and teach a subject. What they do is commit to helping others; all those who enter their classroom or their lives. By standing in front of a classroom and teaching a subject, they come to know the students they teach, pass along life lessons to help guide and direct them through their coming years, while acting as a knowledgeable, available resource to those who need one. The same can be said about police officers, fire fighters, nurses, and military personnel. We can even include politicians, corporate CEOs, entertainers, sports figures, etc. (although they are often not quite as obvious).  The list goes on and on. Why? Because we are all connected and here for a single, all inclusive purpose. It is time to change how you ask the question … ‘what is my purpose’. Changing that question to ‘what is the purpose’ takes the separate, individual idea of self and turns it into a global, ‘we are all connected and one’ concept.

Trying to figure out what your specific and unique purpose is can create a lot of pressure. What if you get it wrong? What if you aren’t any good at it? What if you are so good at it, it takes over your life and you die from not being clever enough in its use or execution? If you think about it, passion and purpose are pretty closely linked. If your next question is, ‘what if I don’t know what I am passionate about?’ … then you need to think back to the ‘good ol’ days’ when you were a child. What did you do that kept you so engrossed that you lost track of time? Or, what did you do that never got boring? What did you dream of becoming or doing when you grew up? What things were or are so interesting, you just want to keep reading, learning or doing more of? The key to finding your passion lies in the answers to those questions.

As I walk slowly into the world of retirement, I have found a passion for making jewelry. I love the creative aspect of it, and the healing properties of the stones and designs. Not only are the pieces often intended to help the wearer physically, mentally and spiritually, but each piece seems to become an intimate experience and expression of its own.

But my passion for justice, feeding hungry children and equality for women still reigns strong, and at times, fiercely within me. Whatever I do in those areas supports the purpose. Whatever jewelry I may make, is part of the purpose. Whatever joy I feel or am able to give to others, is for the purpose … the purpose of all, all life, all consciousness, all creation, and all that lives within the web of connectedness.

I no longer ask the question ‘what is my purpose’. Instead, I know that no matter what I do that engages my passion, will bring me joy, happiness, peace and contentment. And in that inter-connectedness, that same joy, happiness, peace and contentment will filter throughout, moving us closer to our true essence of love.



One thought on “Something to Ponder… Passion or Purpose

  1. Thanks for your excellent message, Gayle. I agree with what you say about finding one’s specific and unique purpose. Very much looking forward to hearing more about your jewelry designs. Happy Easter!


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