Horton Hears A Who

I had the privilege today of hiking several trails at Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada with my husband and 2 sisters. It was such a great day. The weather was perfect, the scenery spectacular, and the experience profound. While walking the Fire Wave Trail, there were a number of comments made about how small and insignificant we were when standing near the mammoth rock formations. I had to admit, I immediately conjured up the image of Horton as he strained to hear the tiny voice of a Who. In this case, we were the Who. Small. Insignificant compared to Mother Earth’s ancient skyscrapers. Even smaller when you include the vastness and totality of the Universe, the All, the Cosmos.

Standing amongst the sage brush, cactus, rocks (Grandmothers and Grandfathers) and grasses, far off into the distance stood snow capped mountains jutting into the vastness of brilliant blue skies. Millions and millions of years have passed since the inception of the space I occupied today; of the space we all occupy each and every day. Cast beyond our world of Mother Earth, high into the heavens sits Grandmother Moon.

Saturday, February 25th, Grandmother Moon moves into the quiet solitude of the New Moon, it is the first day of the 3-day cycle of the New Moon. It is a time of rest, reflection, and new beginnings. As we move into the cycle of this New Moon, on this first day, take some time to sit quietly in the darkness.

  • Find the darkest, quietest place possible.
  • Feel the depth and sensations of this space.
  • Notice your ability to sit quietly; how long before you begin to fidget, daydream or become uncomfortable? Can you overcome these distractions?
  • When done, draw yourself a nice hot bath and relax; or, make yourself a cup of tea, allowing yourself to savor its aroma and warmth.

On Sunday, February 26th…

  • If possible, sit outside under the blanket of darkness, otherwise, return to the place of dark quiet.
  • Recognize the vastness of the space that exists all around and above you.
  • If you are considered gigantic compared to the smallest dust mite, begin to place yourself in the position of the dust mite, being minute compared to all that is massively larger, stronger and longer lasting than you.
  • Surrender your ego to the Universe, the All, the Cosmos or the Source.
  • Let go, sleep and dream

On Monday, February 27th…

  • Find a space of dark quietude.
  • Acknowledge and bless all that you have, all that you are, and all that you will ever be.
  • Welcome any and all opportunities the Universe, the All, the Cosmos or Source may bring into your awareness.
  • Relax ideas of structure or what would be acceptable or unacceptable opportunities.
  • Feel your heart and mind open to new possibilities, even those that today would be unimaginable.
  • Hold warmth, gratitude, love, understanding and grace in your Being, while releasing prejudice, judgment, jealousy, greed, and negativity to the surrounding darkness.
  • Take a quick shower to wash away that which you want to release.
  • And, draw yourself a hot bath to warm and nurture your very Being, and to seal in that which you want to hold close within you.

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