Full Snow Moon of February

With tornadoes, record low temperatures and heavy snow falls happening across our country, I feel abundantly fortunate to be sitting in the warmth and sun of Nevada. I have always felt fortunate to live in a place where we have 4 seasons, because I truly enjoy each of them for a variety of reasons. However, once Christmas and the New Year has rolled in, I am ready for the warm winds and sunny days of Nevada!

Our Native American ancestors had a variety of names for February’s Full Moon. The Shoshone of Wyoming and Nevada, Winnebago and Potawatomi of the Great Lakes, and the Shawnee of the Midwest refer to hunger and the birds and animals from the areas, e.g., The Full Coyote Moon, The Full Crow Moon, The Full Fish Running Moon and the Full Rabbit Moon. There are also names referencing the weather conditions. From the Creek of the Southeast, the Comanche from the Southern Plains, Arapaho from the Great Plains, Lakota from the Northern Plains and the Abenaki from Northeast Maine, we hear names like Makes Branches Fall In Pieces Moon, Full Frost Sparkling In Sun Moon, Full Sleet Moon, and the Full Wind Moon. The more familiar names for February is the Full Snow Moon, Hunger Moon, Bony Moon and Little Famine Moon.

It goes without saying, February, in the northern hemisphere, is a cold and often challenging month. In Michigan, where I am from, it is often gray and cloudy, offering little sunlight, and temperatures that can bring biting coldness. It can be a time of hibernation, going inward more deeply and profoundly than the previous months.

The Hopi, from Arizona and the Southwest, called this the Moon of Purification and Renewal. Thus, a good time to do some reflective soul searching and cleansing of thoughts, intentions and attitudes that may be negative, self-limiting, or by nature, unhealthy for you, the environment, others, and the world in general.

Take these next 3-days of the Full Moon and make this the Moon of Purification and Renewal, for your body, mind and spirit.

  • On Thursday, February 9th, spend a little time watching the glow of Grandmother Moon’s face.
  • Ask yourself what habits, thoughts, intentions or attitudes seem to hamper your success in feeling happy, secure, comfortable, or otherwise content in your life?
  • Write them down so you can refer to them Friday night, February 10th.
  • When done, say a little thank you to Grandmother Moon for her presence, whether you can see her or not.
  • On Friday, as you sit in front of Grandmother Moon, referring to your list, take a moment to remember specific instances where a habit, thought, intention or attitude got in the way of a positive, uplifting, inspirational or productive moment.
  • Returning to your list, with its contents firmly in your mind, ask Grandmother Moon, the Universe, Source or God to help you release these habits, thoughts, intentions, or attitudes; to make it possible for you to be consciously aware and capable of discharging these from your field of energy.
  • On Saturday, February 11th, giving thanks to Grandmother Moon, the Universe, Source or God for their attention and willingness to help, burn your list.
  • Then, taking a moment to gaze upon the face of Grandmother Moon, allow her grace and energy to fill your heart and soul with gratitude, and the knowing of how good and strong your own sense of purpose and truth is that lies within you.

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