February’s Unpredictable Movement

Are you one of those people who feel as though the world flipped upside down, shook you up a little bit, then set you back down? If you are, you are not alone.

Nothing in life ever remains the same. There is an old saying that goes…the only constant in life is change. Change is movement. Sometimes it is predictable, like when you find a new job and have to move your residence to a new and unfamiliar town. Sometimes it is NOT predictable, like when you have a sudden and surprising loss in your life. Regardless of whether the situation is predictable or not, it causes movement.

In today’s world, where borders and boundaries seem at times blurred, movement eventually effects everyone. Like a unpredictable tidal wave or a scheduled, precautionary and predictable avalanche, nothing in its path will remain the same. In some way, everything and everyone with an association to the movement will be altered, transformed or modified. So, while the people living in and around the areas of the tidal wave or the avalanche will eventually return to their homes and lives, things will not be the same. Things will be different from where they had left them, or knew them.

This is the month of unpredictable movement. As you work your way through the coming days and weeks, you may find yourself somewhat disoriented or reactionary to such movement. Whether the movement is predictable or unpredictable, it brings to each of us an opportunity to evolve, to expand our sense of awareness and understanding, and to shift, strengthen or categorically analyze our own entrenched opinions, and fundamental assumptions and theories.

The option to stop the movement and turn back time does not exist. It is up to you to decide how you want to react, respond and engage during this time. If you want to expand, evolve and grow …

  • Set your intention to that purpose;
  • When negative feelings and emotions arise, take the time to understand where they are coming from,
    • if it is anger, at who is it directed and why
    • if it is frustration, what would make it better
    • decide if it is something you have the ability to change or correct. If not, can you let it go?
  • Take the time to search your ego and fears, and own that which controls you and your emotions;
    • is it logical? Does it make reasonable sense?
    • are you ‘out of your comfort zone’?
    • are you overwhelmed?
    • are you feeling unsafe or insecure?
    • can you release these fears and feelings?
  • Become the observer of the unpredictable movement,
    • witness its delivery,
    • view its effect and effectiveness,
    • pay attention to reactions, and
    • to your own internal feelings and reactions.
  • Allow yourself to carefully listen, without judgment or prejudice, to others;
  • Give yourself permission to reexamine, reassess and, maybe, revise your own thoughts, attitudes and views.

This is the time of movement.

  • Embrace the unpredictable.
  • Take the time and make the effort to come to know your true Self.
  • Witness the person you have become.
  • Allow that person to experience the forward movement of growth, knowledge and wisdom.
  • Let your wings unfurl and soar above the fray to your highest potential.



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