January’s New Moon

I just spent 3 days (or 34 hours) driving across the most amazing country…our country; the USA. Some of those hours were spent in the early hours before dawn or in the evening, well after sunset. My husband drove during those hours, allowing me the freedom to stare out the side window looking at stars and searching for a waning Grandmother Moon.

Driving through the desert at those hours, I was struck by the complete and total darkness that surrounded us; encapsulating us in absolute blackness. Grandmother Moon offered little light to guide our way, and while the sky was filled with twinkling light from the stars, to see even your hand in front of your face took determined focus. With our car’s headlights lighting our way, several thoughts drifted my way as I gazed upward in search of some lunar wisdom.

As you know, black is the absence of light; but even black objects will still reflect some light. The darkness of the night does not eliminate or absorb all that it conceals or hides from our sight. Instead, the darkness shifts our visual perception of what exists within the shroud of darkness. The blackness indicates the way the cones in your eyes respond is minimal compared to everything else within your field of vision when there is light. What changes that perception is light; whether it comes from Grandmother Moon, headlights on a car, or the flame of a candle.

I found it interesting that even though the nighttime hours cloaked everything in complete darkness, the smallest light could be seen. It doesn’t matter if the light is miles away across a desert or placed in the far reaches of the heavens, it would still penetrate the darkness. The light always breaks through the shroud of darkness and presents itself to all to witness.

As I gazed upward towards the heavens I also realized the same principle of light changing darkness applies to many aspects of our lives. For example, if you carry a smile on your face, others will usually respond with a smile as well. If the words you speak are kind and courteous, people will generally respond in kind. If at first they don’t, don’t give up; smothering them with kindness puts them off balance! 😉 And for those who live a ‘woe is me’ existence, waiting for ‘the other shoe to drop’, or contemplating the worst for every situation, help them shift that darkness to light. For every ‘woe’, fear, or negative contemplation, put a positive spin on the situation and bring them back to the present, leaving the past where it belongs and the future to the divine will or kismet.

Each New Moon brings us the opportunity to start something new. This Friday, January 27th, make this the year you become a bearer of light.

  • When speaking or dealing with strangers (e.g., in a restaurant, grocery store, on the phone), be kind and gentle. It will make the exchange a much more pleasant experience for both of you.
  • Smile. It is easy to get caught up in negative thoughts and attitudes. When that happens, think about someone or something that always brings a smile to your face; or, an event you were engaged in that made you laugh until you cried. Replay that thought in your mind until all of the negative ones disappear.
  • Find the good and the positive. Yes, it can be difficult to do when you first start, but with practice it comes pretty naturally. I like to find the ridiculousness of situations and laugh over them. It doesn’t change the situation, but you end up having a far better outlook and attitude towards it.
  • Laugh. When the darkness (or negative) becomes heavy, laughter lightens the load. I often tell my family that my job is to make them laugh. When you laugh about something that otherwise seems daunting, it clears away the hidden fears and expectations that otherwise weigh you down.
  • Teach others. Be an example to others. Show them through your actions and words how to dispel darkness when it enters your life with loving kindness and light.
  • Light sources. Of course there are times when finding that light source within you can seem impossible, so surrounds yourself with those who will carry a light for you, and who you will carry a light for as well.

Make the darkness of this New Moon the light that will carry you to a place of loving kindness and Source.


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