January’s Full Moon

January 11, 2017, starts the 3-days of the Full Moon. Many names have been given to this moon – Wolf Moon, Great Spirit Moon, Cold Moon, or the Hard Moon, just to name a few. These names came from the regions of the north where the cold winter days and nights made life slow and difficult. Its a time when hungry wolves howl at the moon and roam closer to villages in search of food. The name I resonate with, though is the Great Spirit Moon.

The Great Spirit Moon speaks of …

  • Truth. Letting nothing get in the way of what is real and honest.
  • Guidance. The brightness of the moon’s reflection through the clear, cold night offers you an opportunity to walk your life’s path in the simplest of light. Not a glaring, overbearing light, but a simple nurturing light.
  • Nurturing. Holding the stillness of the night so you can be wrapped in its light and held in its calming wisdom.
  • Ancient Wisdom. It has witnessed all that there is, all that has ever been, and all that will ever be; and, is unchanging, unwavering, and unending.
  • Perception. As you gaze upon the glow of the full moon, it is easy to forget that it is merely reflecting the light of the sun. Whether it is in full reflection or something less, its light comes from another place.
  • Reflection. Just as the moon reflects the light of the sun, it encourages you to do the same. Take in light from other sources, and reflect it back to others. When there is no light to reflect, the moon is silent. When there is light, it shares it honestly, freely and without discrimination.
  • Whispers. If you listen quietly, the light from the moon speaks of futures, pasts and the present. It shares the secrets of the Universe and your role in this lifetime.
  • Poise. For it sits majestically high in the sky, never burning in its fire and heat or shivering in its cold, empty space. Instead, it mirrors the heat, light and energy of the sun, and gently, gracefully gives it to those who seek its soft, calm light.
  • Witness. Without guile, judgment, or prejudice, it sits, observes and serves all that exists in our great and grand solar system.

Tonight, tomorrow night, or whenever you choose to sit and look at the moon, take a little time to notice the subtleties of Grandmother Moon. It is said she changes all of the time. But does she?

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