December’s Full Winter Moon, 2016

The last full moon of the year is upon us, bringing a time of reflection, gratitude and silence.

I imagine everyone reading this post is, or has been, experiencing the holiday rush. Getting it all done takes a lot of time and energy, and often passes before you have a chance to actually enjoy the festivities. So, before you get deeper into the madness of last minute minutia, give yourself a minimum of 15 – 20 minutes during each of the 3-days of this Full Winter Moon.

On the first day, Monday, December 12th, begin reflecting …

  • Take a few minutes to remember what you were doing this time last year;
  • Remember those moments of laughter you shared this past year, and who you shared them with;
  • Spend some time looking at those periods when life seemed it couldn’t get any harder, and then it did;
  • Recognize the ‘highs’ that were a direct result of something you said, did or initiated; and
  • Look back at how much you accomplished this year.

On the second day, the official day of the Full Winter Moon, Tuesday, December 13th, sitting in the light of Grandmother Moon, fill your heart with gratitude …

  • For all of your friends and family that have loved and supported you throughout your lifetime;
  • For your ability to let go of those who would prefer to hold you back and no longer serve your greater good;
  • For all of those who have come into your life, providing the emotional, mental and spiritual ‘food’ for your own personal growth and understanding;
  • For all of the patience and wisdom you have garnered through your own life’s experiences; and
  • For the ability to witness your own life, in a joyful, compassionate and engaging manner.

And on the third day, Wednesday, December 14th, filling yourself with the sense of silence …

  • If possible, sit in the glow of Grandmother Moon and feel her sense of peaceful silence;
  • Allow the stillness of the nighttime to settle deep within you, as you draw your attention towards the nature of your breath and breathing;
  • Without movement, thought or reaction, witness the gentleness of your Being as it settles into the silence of your mind and all its distractions; and
  • When all is quiet within you, issue an intention of loving kindness for yourself and all the World.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah!


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