And Finally … December

At times it seems 2016 flashed by in the blink of an eye. At other times it seemed the days moved slowly, methodically, and somewhat painfully. As we usher in the month of December, we find ourselves picking up our step, moving a little more quickly and thinking a bit more intensely on how to maneuver physically, emotionally, and financially through these last 31 days of 2016.

The month of December is like running a marathon. All of the previous months seem like just the lead up, or conditioning period, for the final 6 weeks. You begin to see a slight shift in the momentum as you gather with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving; feasting on a bounty of comfort foods and expressing gratitude for the whole of your life. Surrounded by the warmth, comfort and spirit of Thanksgiving, you find yourself quickly sliding into December, where the pace quickens, and the stress and strain begins to over take your very Being.

As the New Moon of November 29th begins to grow, so to will the energetic light of December. December is often the month where people begin to find their way back to holding, owning and honoring their own spirit and spirituality. Whether this return is to a church, temple, synagogue, mosque, Mother Earth’s natural setting, or some other place of worship, reaching out and (re)connecting to one’s own truth and beliefs is often where we find ourselves when December and the year comes to a close.

However, before getting to that ‘reaching out and (re)connecting’ part of December, there are the final laps left of the marathon. Some people are still reeling from the effects of the presidential election. Draped in their disappointment and worry for the future, many of these people are struggling to embrace the known and unknown changes beset upon them; e.g., healthcare, education, or the conflict, struggles and violence aimed at our own Native American brothers and sisters.

The first half of December is about ‘finishing up’, ‘letting go’ and ‘readying yourself’. Finishing up or bringing to an end those promises, projects, commitments and ideas that no longer serve you; that no longer bring you joy, happiness, peace or contentment. Like running a marathon, if your current strategy is not going to get you to the finish line, then take a moment and rethink your approach or game plan. It is better to finish standing up then to be dragged across the line by your feet.

Let go or walk away from those people, places and things that make you feel drained, tired and disappointed. Many people today feel they are not being ‘heard’ by those they hold near and dear to them; that their voice is simply carried away by the wind. These are not the people, the places or the things you want in your life…now or into the future. Find your way to a better place, where you are embraced, honored and recognized for all you are, and all you can be.

By finishing up and letting go you are ‘readying yourself’ for the second half of December, when Mercury goes retrograde, and you begin to glide into the New Year of 2017. Take these next couple of weeks to ready yourself for all that the remainder of 2016 has to offer you.

December 19th – January 8th Mercury is in retrograde. However, on December 1st Mercury enters it’s pre-retrograde shadow phase. During the pre-retrograde shadow period the issues you will be dealing with during retrograde will begin to surface. Events and situations that arise during this time frame will usually more fully unfold throughout the retrograde period.

Mercury retrograde is definitely NOT the time to enter into new relationships, new jobs or new long-term projects or contracts. You can plan them, but don’t embark upon them. It is a difficult time for accurate and rapid thinking … our minds have a tendency to be a little slower in it’s processing, and communications in any form can be precarious. This is the time to re-think, re-do, re-organize, re-consider and re-imagine all things in your life. It is NOT the time to put them into action however.

December is always a time of completion, but with Mercury in retrograde phases throughout the month, it is an even more dominate scenario this year.

Going direct on January 8th, Mercury’s post-retrograde shadow will continue until January 27th. It is during this time frame that you will find yourself reflecting on what you learned or witnessed during the retrograde period, and trying out new or different ways of handling the issues and emotions at hand.

Uranus has been in retrograde since July 29th, going direct on December 29th and exiting it’s post-retrograde shadow on April 14, 2017. If you have been feeling creative and loaded with new ideas, it could be the affect of Uranus. On the other hand, Uranus retrograde can lead you to feel anxious, pessimistic or overloaded with expressive energies. You may find yourself wanting to ‘blast out’ and express your need for freedom; and I mean all kinds of freedom. You may also find yourself researching human behaviors and ideas of psychology or philosophy. Uranus brings you those ‘AHA!!’ moments. You know, those times when the ‘light’ comes on and you see something for the very first time in a light you couldn’t have imagined before.

If things have seemed chaotic over the past months, order will reign once Uranus goes direct. Then you will have until April 14th to try out all of your new ideas, concepts, and considerations.

There is a lot going on in December, so be sure to …

  • take some time for yourself. When you find yourself inundated with tasks and projects yet to be done, feeling stressed and unable to sleep, find something to do that will take your mind off these everyday tasks, concerns and responsibilities; try reading a book, watching a lighthearted movie, or getting engrossed in a craft or hobby.
  • let go of the tension in your shoulders. As you take in a slow, long inhale, lift your shoulders forward and up to reach your ears. On the slow exhale, let your shoulders relax and drop into a more natural position.
  • remind yourself of all that is good in your life. When you find yourself feeling sad, depressed or overwhelmed, remove yourself from the situation, take a few slow deep breaths and remember those in your life that bring you joy, happiness and peace. If you find yourself stumbling in your attempts to remember in those darker times, make a list or carry a picture of something that automatically and quickly brings a smile to your face.
  • laugh out loud. Laugh until your belly hurts and tears are streaming from you eyes. Life should be fun. You might have to force yourself to laugh at first; but once you start, you might find it hard to stop.
  • enjoy the moments memories are made of. Savor them, so you can taste their sweetness when life is feeling a little sour.
  • take yourself out into nature. Nothing is more rejuvenating, grounding and centering than a little time with nature. Breathe in some cool, crisp air, and let the wind blow through your hair. Stay as long as you possibly can, then stay just a little longer. You’ll return refreshed, energized and a lot calmer.

God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December…James M. Barrie



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