November’s New Moon

Even though Thanksgiving has come and gone, it is still hard to reconcile the idea that 2017 is just a few short weeks away. But before you can start laying out all that you want to accomplish next year, finishing up 2016 has to happen first. There is an old saying that goes … ‘when one door closes, another door opens’. If you want to attract or bring into your life something new, you have to make room for it; you have to finish up what you started, let go of what no longer serves you, and ready yourself for the ‘new’.

The November 29th New Moon is the exact right time to start the process of ‘finishing up’, ‘letting go’, and ‘readying yourself’ for the many shifts and changes that could lie ahead for you in 2017.

Remember the promises you made to yourself or the projects you started way back in January and February of this year? Now is the time to commit yourself to finishing up what remains undone. Perhaps you promised yourself a new job or career, a larger circle of friends or a better relationship with members of your family. Or, perhaps you promised yourself a little more ‘Me Time’; time just for you to spend nurturing your body, mind, spirit and soul.

  • During this New Moon, make a list of those promises and projects you started earlier in the year that you feel you want or need to finish up.
  • Rank their order of importance.
  • Identify the steps required to complete each.
  • Estimate the length of time it will take you to complete, even if it takes you into next year.

As you work through your list, you may discover that what you wanted in January is no longer important, possible, desirable or relevant in November. Letting go of something you promised or committed yourself to can be difficult mentally and emotionally.

  • Over the next couple of weeks, recognize the amount of time and energy you can recoup and save if you simply let go of the promises, projects and responsibilities that no longer serve your better interest or Self.
  • Let go and walk away from those people in your life that no longer bring you joy and happiness, but rather are negative, nasty, and are just a downright drag on your emotional and spiritual Self.
  • Let go of those self absorbing thoughts that take you no where.
  • Let go of analyzing every thought, detail and decision in your life, or someone else’s life.
  • Let go of feeling responsible for those who can take care of themselves but choose not to.
  • Let go of beating yourself up because you haven’t completed every promise and project you started this year.

These next couple of weeks are bound to be busy, hectic and maybe even chaotic, especially since we are firmly entrenched in the holidays. But this is the time to begin readying yourself for what is yet to come.

  • As you put forth the energy to finish up whatever promises or projects you remain committed to, you will begin to receive what you need to move it towards completion.
  • There are a number of old sayings that go … ‘you reap what you sow’, ‘what you put out, you will get back’, and ‘you get out what you put in’. If you put positive determination and thoughts into what you are working towards, you will receive the same in kind.
  • As you make room mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually by finishing up and letting go, there will be room in all of those areas for something new to appear. If you are looking for a new relationship, it will appear when the debris from the other(s) are cleared out.
  • If you are looking for a new job or career, you have to let go emotionally and spiritually before another will appear.
  • Letting go is part of readying yourself.

Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star….W. Clement Stone



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