To say I am disappointed in the outcome of our election would be an understatement. However, it is time once again to rally. To rally…

  • in support of our Great Nation;
  • in support of our soldiers and all those who serve our Great Nation;
  • in moving our Great Nation forward;
  • behind the new President of these United States of America;
  • together as a beacon of light that honors truth, respect, and most importantly, equality for all men and women, regardless of their race, religion, or nationality;
  • together in peace as we bear witness to the changes and challenges we are all about to face as we move into this historical time;
  • in syncretism for our children and their children, for our neighboring countries and our allies, and for our future as a Nation of dignity, honor, glory and freedoms;
  • our collective spirits, pointing them in the right direction … the direction of peace and unity;
  • and support the simple rights of all who walk the face of our first mother, Mother Earth … clean water, fresh air, unadulterated healthy food, and a place to rest ones’ head; and
  • to demonstrate our inner most benevolent, merciful, courageous, gracious and respectful attitudes towards those whose choices have prevailed and will steer the course of our Great Nation for the coming years.

May we never lose sight, however, of the goals we had all hoped would be achieved through the election of another candidate. Goals like …

  • true equality for all people;
  • improvements to our healthcare program, where every citizen of this Great Nation is covered and insurance companies don’t dictate the rules;
  • affordable and available education;
  • human rights;
  • helping our planet and universe heal and get healthy; and
  • reuniting the people of our own Nation.

(Maybe I’m not really writing this, and this is just a bad dream.)

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