The New Moon of October

It is time to start a new cycle of the moon … the New Moon, or the Dark Moon. During these days and nights of the Dark Moon, begin your preparation for what you want to start, achieve or finish during this next cycle. October is nearly behind us, and the holidays are rapidly approaching. But first, we need to crawl our way through the muck and mud of this coming election.

These are difficult times. No matter how sheltered you might want to be, it is difficult to avoid the constant negative assaults thrown at us from the news media. Regardless of which political figure you might find yourself standing behind (or away from), the personal and political conflicts being aired on the news feeds are creating havoc within our own personal and private spaces; our lives. The constant bombarding of all the negative rhetoric from the politicians, their supporters, reporters and ‘analysts’ has created an environment of distrust, hostility, and bitterness that is permeating each of our lives. How do we keep from developing or displaying the same kind of nasty, contentious attitudes?

  • By directing our focus and attention to what really matters in our lives and by taking time away from the mundane nastiness of today’s news.
  • Go outside into nature. Reconnect with the wholesome and pristine spirit of Mother Nature; the quiet purity and simplicity of what life in its fullest expression is all about.
  • Turn off or walk away from the harshness of today’s political news, and in those first few moments, give thanks for all of the goodness in YOUR life.

During this period of the Dark or New Moon, begin laying the groundwork for what you want to accomplish, take care of or establish during the remainder of this year. Put in place your goals…

  • to see friends and family during the holiday season;
  • about how you want to spend these last 2 months of the year;
  • as to how you want to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving and all of your traditional holiday or year end observances;
  • for the type of memory you want to create for yourself and your loved ones during this particular holiday season;
  • regarding how much time, effort and money you can afford to spend on each and every person during this holiday season and into the coming year(s);
  • to retire any unnecessary tasks, responsibilities or burdens that keep you from your own personal joy and happiness;
  • concerning when and how you will begin taking better care of your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual Self;
  • to nurture and grow your inner most desires, dreams, passions or yearnings…throughout this holiday season and into the future;
  • to clear up or settle any current or future conflicts in a manner that neither burdens, alienates, or otherwise causes distress for you or others you care most deeply about; and
  • to continuously live in a place of self-confidence, poise, courage, pride, dignity, self-respect and love.

As the Dark Moon moves along its path, growing and reflecting more and more of its nighttime light, so too can your goals; if you simply keep your eye on your goals and make the choices that will move you in that direction. Remember…every choice you make today, weaves the pattern of your tomorrow.

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