The Full Hunter’s Moon

Many of us have heard of the Hunter’s Moon. It is a common name given to this month’s full moon, but it isn’t the common name given by the original people of Turtle Island, the Native Americans.

Remember, the Native American people lived by the seasons. They knew and understood the very nature of this place we call Mother Earth, her seasons and her place within all Creation. To the Anishnaabe, Sioux, Lakota, Cree, Arapaho and Abenaki, this was known as the Falling Leaves Moon. To the Potawatomi, Cheyenne, Algonquin and Comanche, it was the moon when the frost came and the edges of the rivers and streams began to freeze. To the Hopi, Passamaquoddy and Cherokee, this is the Full Harvest Moon.

So, how did we come to calling this the Full Hunter’s Moon? The names Harvest Moon and Hunter’s Moon probably originated back in the days when there were many, many farmers and hunters. The Harvest Moon is always the full moon that falls closest to the autumnal equinox. This year the equinox fell on September 22, making September 16th full moon the Harvest Moon. The full moon that follows the Harvest Moon is called the Hunter’s Moon.

The Full Hunter’s Moon will appear early in the skies on October 15th; the 3-days of the Full Moon running from Friday, October 14th – Sunday, the 16th. As with all full moons, this is the time of completion. If you followed the idea of Taking a Breather these past couple of weeks, then this is the time to fully let go of all those things that might be called or considered a ‘burden’. If you took a breather from…

  • constantly looking forward (or backward) and strategizing or analyzing each and every decision, move or potential situation,
  • getting stressed or over-reacting to unwanted, uninvited or unwarranted opposition, and
  • allowing yourself to feel harried, hassled, exhausted or simply used up, then

now is the time to discard all those old habits that kept you in the throes of anxiety, nervousness, fatigue, hardship and distress.

Again, if you took a breather and realized the peace and harmony found in…

  • witnessing the beauty in a sunrise, sunset, flower, bird, colored leaves, clouds, someone you love or your life,
  • acknowledging with gratitude your freedoms, choices and loved ones,
  • embracing all that there is in this big, beautiful World you call home, and recognizing it is but a small part of this larger place known as Mother Earth and all of Creation, and
  • helping to make this World a better place for all its inhabitants (including all forms of life … plants, animals, people, waters, Mother Earth, air, etc.), then

continue to give yourself the freedom to witness, experience and discover the joy and unity of living a life of integrity and Oneness. Give yourself permission to continue living peacefully and in harmony with all that is good around you. The more you practice, the easier, happier and more fulfilling your life will become.

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