Take A Breather…

October reaches us on the heels of September’s Black Moon, having started on September 29th and finishing on October 1st. September was a month full of presentations, including 2 New Moons, the Harvest Moon, a Lunar and Solar Eclipse, and the Autumnal Equinox; not to mention the various planets in and out of retrograde.

The theme for this particular October has to do with taking a breather. As you glide into the month of October, many of the peaks and valleys experienced in September begin to fade into the background. Your focus begins to shift to what’s next, what’s coming up, and all that is left yet undone.

Starting the month with a New Moon gives you an opportunity to truly evaluate how much you have accomplished, and how far you have come. Rather than focusing on the ‘glass half empty‘, this is the time to witness just how full that glass has become.

Just for the next couple of weeks, stop looking forward. Instead, take a breather. All of your hard work will continue to produce what you need, keeping your hearth and home warm and comfortable. Look around you and truly evaluate your current life, the space you currently occupy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and what, if any, of that space you want to change.

Too often we set goals that we run after, never looking back or stopping to determine if those goals once set are still important to us. Do the ideas and ideals we once held as vital to our happiness and overall success still hold the same weight and measure as they did some 20-years ago? Or, have they changed?

Do you find yourself still seeking that illusive sense of success, happiness, love or peace? If your sense of what those things are have come from another’s ideas or description, then it’s time for you to take a breather and reevaluate what those things truly mean in your world, your space, and your quiet consciousness.

Given the current political situation here in the US, are you finding yourself getting caught up in the rhetoric, emotion and villainous attitudes of those running for office or those around you?  Take a breather, then with a clearer mind, calmer emotions, and a sense of peace and harmony within yourself, and that would carry forward to the next 7 generations, allow yourself to sort through the facts (fact-checking if it helps you) and wholly own and believe in your ultimate choice and decision.

During the month of October …

Take a breather each and every time you are faced with opposition.

Take a breather when you find yourself feeling harried, hassled, exhausted, or simply used up.

Take a breather when you see a beautiful sunset, sunrise, flower, bird, colored leaves, clouds, someone you love, or the bounty of your life.

Take a breather and give thanks for your freedoms, choices and loved ones.

Take a breather in the middle of the day and sense the oneness of this world you call home, including ALL of creation.

Take a breather and do one thing to make this world a better place.

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