September’s 2nd New Moon

What a bounty September has brought to each of us! Whether it is in the harvest of crops, the warm summer days, the lunar and solar eclipse, the Full Harvest Moon, the autumnal equinox or the individual changes each and everyone of us has had the opportunity to experience, September has been a month of abundance. And, it doesn’t end there. As the month draws to a close, it presents one more gift to us … a second New Moon, also known as the Black Moon. Yet another chance to start anew; to set the tone and tenor of how you want October to begin and proceed.

With summer behind you and the cooler, crisper air of autumn all around you, this is the time to turn your attention inward while paying attention to all that is playing out in front of you. Keeping your attention and focus inward will help you maintain your spiritual, emotional and mental balance, as you witness the defiant clashes of opposites struggling to keep, if not gain, their dominance over the ever changing energetic realms existing in our planetary systems. That which is oppressive, oppressed or otherwise considered negative are fighting to maintain its position, while the more gentle, enlightened, tolerant, or positive energies fight to shed light, peace and harmony to a broader spectrum of humanity and the world.

  • Take these next few weeks to witness, without bias or judgment, all that is presented to you.
  • Allow yourself to disengage emotionally, spiritually and mentally.
  • Take yourself on a journey into your heart and simply feel the energies around you, witnessing how you respond naturally.
  • Separate yourself from others and allow the wisdom within you to surface.
  • And afterwards, treat yourself to a soothing cup of tea or hot chocolate, or a long, luxurious hot bath.

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