September, New Moon, Retrograde, Eclipse…

September comes to us in a blaze of glory! What a great time to effect change and move ‘mountains’! If you are one of those people who has committed yourself…

  • to living a life of your own creation,
  • to learning, understanding and recognizing your own actions, reactions, and choices,
  • to owning the effects and responsibility of your choices, decisions, and inner direction,
  • to honoring the Sacredness that lives within you and all who share and walk on the face of Mother Earth,
  • to establishing a life of peace, happiness, harmony, unity and kinship,
  • to walking your own walk in a healthy, conscientious and tranquil way, and
  • to relinquishing all of the burdensome injustice, oppression and historical abuse

…then this is your time to make some major shifts and changes. This is NOT the time to shirk or slink away; hiding or denying your strength and convictions; being afraid of what might happen next if you stand firm and go your own way. If you do, you will miss out on an enormous opportunity!

September is the month of presentation. August was the month of emergence; where your truths and values began to emerge. As these truths and values were tested, you may have found yourself feeling a little uncertain; uncertain about just how deeply and honestly you hold certain truths and values. It is not uncommon to wonder and ponder each discreet and different aspect of what you hold to be true, valued and defended. August gave you some space and time to allow this emergence  and testing to happen. September will afford you opportunities to present, display and demonstrate in your own unique way all that has changed within you. If August was the month the cocoon broke open, September is the month you will spread your wings and show, for all to see, the beautiful colors you have amassed and grown.

Thursday, September 1st begins by ushering in the New Moon. As mentioned in an earlier post, this is the time for new beginnings…to start new projects, to initiate changes you want to make in your life. The question is…what do you want in your life? Many people when asked this question will simply answer, ‘I don’t know’. And that is a very legitimate answer. So answer this question…what do you NOT want in your life? Be honest and approach the question and its answer with humility and respect. To find what you want, you have to first rid yourself of all those things you do NOT want in your life; they clutter your view and your senses. They distract you, and can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused.

Use this New Moon as your opportunity to present your own true colors. Spread your wings and infuse your world with each of your new colors…changing the drab colors of yesterday to the bright colors of your wings and the rainbow…of your today and tomorrow.

September 1st will also host an annular solar eclipse. Unless you live or are visiting Madagascar or some other central and lower African location, you will not be able to witness it. The effects of an eclipse, whether you can see them or not, are often dramatic and cross all regions and boundaries. It has been proven scientifically that an eclipse will slow down winds and tides. They have even been proven to effect the energy that keeps your lights on … turning them off when the levels get too low. They can have the same effect on you and your energy levels as well.

It is important to remember that a solar eclipse represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. This is what makes September such a powerful and, in its own way, impressive month.  While a solar eclipse always happens on a New Moon, it does not mean that all projects started during this New Moon period will succeed or be completed. It may take until February of 2017, the date of the next solar eclipse, for some projects to complete.

On August 30th (today), Mercury went retrograde. This particular retrograde will play havoc on relationships and communications, including listening, speaking, reading, learning, buying, selling, and negotiating. It can also mess with computers, their coding, and networking. However, it is said that this specific retrograde (falling between the planets of Venus and Jupiter) is beneficial for those seeking love. Mercury will go direct, or out of retrograde, around September 22nd.

We will experience a penumbral lunar eclipse on Friday, September 16th; it is the fourth and last eclipse of the year. This event can be observed in Asia, Europe and Africa, but unfortunately, not by any of us in North America. Like the solar eclipse, this lunar eclipse represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, yet has a relationship with the solar eclipse. Some things started in the solar eclipse may complete during the lunar eclipse and its Full Moon. Lunar eclipses often touch on your emotional state. Your ability to clearly see a relationship for all that it is…happiness, compassion, passion, mutual love and respect; or isn’t…imbalance, disharmony, discord, mistrust, and difference.

Each eclipse has a lasting energetic effect that begins 10-14 days prior to the actual eclipse and lasting approximately 14 days following.

September will prove to be a vibrant and passionate month. The energies coming to us from the sky and all its heavenly bodies may cause you to want to halt all forward movement towards your personal growth and development. It may leave you to wonder about yourself, your decisions, your companions, your job and your abilities. It may leave feeling fatigued, listless or anxious. But with that type of chaotic energies comes energies that can be harnessed into useful, creative and productive power. It will take stamina, direct intention and a determination to not lose sight of your emotional and spiritual goals…how you want to feel, see and think about yourself in the not so distant future. September is a great fountain of potential. It is free, available and bountiful. USE IT!!! There is nothing to stop you ……………………………….. but you.

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