The Fullness of August’s Moon

The full moon is a time of completion; of stepping back and recognizing all that you have accomplished, achieved and attained. Native Americans recognized this August moon as a time of ripened crops like berries, cherries, and corn. They knew that this time was the beginning of their harvests; where they began reaping the rewards and benefits of their prior labors and efforts. They could look across their lands and see how their efforts were paying off, and what that would mean for them through the coming months.

Take these next 3 days of the Full Moon (August 17-19) to give yourself permission to see all that you have accomplished this year, instead of what is yet undone. Reward yourself for all of your growth, wisdom, and insightful moments, and the courage it has taken to move you to this point in your life. Never forget to count your blessings, because you just never know how far you may have to stretch them over the coming months.

And finally, as you move through these next couple of weeks of August and towards the start of another new moon, move gracefully and with intent to truly recognize and honor your most personal and private Self; the one you know resides within you and operates from within your heart.


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