The New Moon of August

With Emergence being the theme for the month of August, what a great time to take that bold step forward, and planting yourself firmly into that life you have yearned to live.

Each month the cycles of the moon present to us an opportunity to ‘start anew’. The Full Moon speaks to completion, while the New Moon brings a time of ‘new beginnings’. It is a time of letting go and leaving behind what you no longer want, what no longer serves you, or what has become burdensome, boring, or of no value or use. It is a time of birthing, creation, and the genesis or inception of that which has not been.

During this month of emergence, stop. Stop whatever it is that makes you feel empty, barren and misused. Stop whatever it is that makes you feel burdened, unhappy, under appreciated, under valued, lifeless, and minimized. And start by allowing yourself to emerge from the cocoon-like shroud that has covered and dimmed your talent, your life, your skills, your humor, your wit, your laughter, your joy, your will and the truth of all that you are.

Take a moment this night to feel the silence and darkness that awaits just outside your door. In that darkness pledge to yourself, and to the spirit of Grandmother Moon and to all who Guide you, the continued emerging of your own true Self. Like the movement and rise of our ever present and watchful Grandmother Moon, follow the cycles that naturally ebb and flow throughout the Universe and within you. Allow the beauty, strength, and energies of August to be a part of your grace, growth and emergence.

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