The Emergence of August, 2016

July proved to be an interesting month with its many ups and downs, and side-way slant. While for some the month was fun-filled and busy, for others it seemed disruptive, challenging and, at points, woefully painful. This has been, and will continue to be a year of upheaval; dragging each of us to a point of achievement. Will this be your month of achievement? Or, will this be the month you emerge; you give yourself permission to be and reflect all that you embody?

Today’s sign of Cancer is the Crab (June 21-July 22), however, long ago it was represented by the Scarab (and still is in some circles). The Scarab (or beetle) speaks volumes of our own struggles of regeneration, transformation and re-birth. With its hard shell to protect it, it emerges from its own waste (dung), where it nurtured itself and matured.

As you pull yourself out of the waste, or that which no longer serves you, it is important to remember to hold onto that which is nurturing to you, your soul and your spirit. Like food and water for your body, your soul and spirit require nurturing, support and sustenance for its own growth and expansion. It is vital to your growth and expansion to surrender all that limits or restricts your ability to rise into your fullest expression of Self, of Light, of Grace, and of your Self Awareness and Enlightenment.

August is the month of Emergence. It is not the month of completion, but of the emerging of your truths, values, and authenticity. This is not the time to hang onto old ideologies; especially those that no longer fit you or the world you want to create and live in, or were passed down to you by someone else from a world far different from the one you are creating. These old ideas, patterns and beliefs may have served their purpose at one time, but are they serving you, your purpose, and your inner truths, values and authenticity today? Are they helping or hindering your ability to manifest your deepest dreams, desires and aspirations? Do they hold you hostage in a way that finds you repeating scenarios over and over, never reaching the outcome you long to attain?

To help guide you towards your own emergence

  • Saturn will go direct from its retrograde on August 13th bringing to an end a tough karmic cycle. If you have been feeling fearful or anxious about finances, or if a love relationship has been strained and difficult, it is probably Saturn’s retrograde that has caused the unease and tension.
  • On July 29th, Uranus went retrograde and will remain there until the end of the year, December 29th. For the most part, this should be a period of relative calm compared to the past few years of chaos. This is a good time to establish your plans and to prepare for any major changes you may want to initiate in your life; e.g., releasing any and all old ideas, patterns and beliefs that have been holding you captive and afraid of stepping out into your own self-identity. While there may be moments of fear and uncertainty, solidify in your mind what your goals are and what you could achieve. Then continue moving forward towards your own internal revelation of freedom and purity. Make this your time of change. As the old saying goes, ‘the stars are aligned’ for a smooth transition!
  • Neptune is still in retrograde and will remain there until November 19th when it goes direct. This retrograde supports your ability to dream of all you want to achieve, now and into the future. What dimensions do you want your life to take on in the coming months and years? This is the time to dream it, visualize it, put it into action and make it so. Wouldn’t it be nice if the world was a more safe and peaceful place? Now is a good time to initiate that idea and dream!
  • September 26th will see Pluto going direct. Until that time, Pluto will continue pushing you towards finding your own personal inner truth and sense of Self, Self-worth, and Self-realization. Do you find yourself speaking words you don’t mean? Or, do you find yourself acting out in a way that does not reflect your own deep and personal beliefs? Do you find yourself agreeing with others simply to avoid conflict or to sidestep what could become a deeper discussion where your own views and values may come into question? Can you stand up and defend what you believe to be true, owning it with all of your heart and soul, or do you shrink into complacency to avoid scrutiny?
  • At the end of month, August 30th, Mercury once again goes retrograde bringing with it the subtlety of a sledge hammer. Whatever it is in your life that you have decided to avoid, scurry around, or otherwise pretend does not exist, will be brought upfront and center for you to witness and acknowledge. You will be presented with what some refer to as ‘a reality check’. Are your actions based in fear or love? When disagreeing with someone, do you react aggressively, trying to convince the other person you are right, or do you acknowledge and accept their ideas and views? Are you ‘set in your ways’ or are you willing to look outside your own box and update, change or modify those that sit uncomfortably in your space?

Allow August to be your month of emergence. Give yourself permission to step out of your own dung and witness the present of life, love, peace and harmony, for these are the things that nurture, support, grow and expand your soul and spirit. Fear, hatred, anxiety, worry, suspicion, angst, loathing, disgust, envy, bitterness and hostility are destroyers. They suck the very life force out of that which guides, loves, nurtures and moves you towards enlightenment, illumination, wisdom and inner peace and freedom.


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