July’s Full Ripening Moon, 2016

The Passamaquoddy, Sioux, Navajo, Ojebwa, Muscokee, Mohawk, Cherokee, Apache, Algonquin and Chippewa all knew this moon for the ripening of berries, corn and other life giving foods. Those of you who have taken the opportunity to plant a garden, whether it is a large plot or a simple planter or two, know about the pleasures and benefits of planting, feeding, growing and harvesting crops. You are aware of the seasons and the cycles within them, and the time and effort it takes to reap what you have sown.

As you continue through July’s cycle of the moon, honor the seeds you planted earlier in the month, and this year. If you haven’t already started, survey the growth that has been taking place within you. Recognize those seeds you had planted way back when, as well as the weeding (letting go) and watering (persistence) you have continued. Nurturing new growth encourages and strengthens its ability to flourish and expand. Give yourself permission to continue encouraging and strengthening your own growth, expansion, and enlightenment. Regardless of whether the sun is shining and warming your external Self, use the compassion, sweetness and glow of your heart to grow, expand and reflect your true Self.

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