Celebrate July

July appeared before I knew it! So much going on I hardly recognized the shift. That is not to say July will be a copy of June, because it definitely will not be. This is the month we celebrate our Independence, our many Freedoms and humbly honor all of those who have made this possible. The New Moon of July falls on July 4th; the perfect time to make good on all of your promises to yourself.

Just as it took strength and courage for our founding brothers and sisters to conceive, create and defend this independent nation, it also takes strength and courage to step into your own self awareness, and to reflect outwardly all that lies within you, and to defend what is rightfully you.

As you prepare to celebrate the coming National Holiday, allow yourself to revel in that same sense of freedom. Start this month dynamically. As you celebrate our Nation’s independence, celebrate your own unique spirit, integrity and identity. Push forward all that you have craved and worked toward for yourself. Use the momentum of this holiday to lift you up and propel you forward towards the goals you had set for yourself back in December of 2015.

This year has brought with it many challenges … with simultaneous multiple planet retrogrades, eclipses, national and global events, as well as the recent solstice. Moving through these challenges may have left you feeling a little off kilter or out of balance; leaving you to feel a little uncertain of what to expect next. At this point you can begin to take a deep breath and recognize that you have reached the apex of the global energetic upheaval and are now on the slower paced downside of what felt like an out of control roller coaster ride.

As you move through this month, you may find your emotions still riding that roller roaster. When faced with the uncertainty of what you are feeling or experiencing, take a moment and do a little self examination. Ask yourself these questions …

  • What exactly are you feeling?
  • Where do you feel it in your body?
  • What triggered this feeling or sensation?
  • Does this emotion belong to you or to someone else?
    • If it isn’t yours, let it go and move on
  • Is it caused by fear? or doubt?
  • Can you do anything about it?
    • If not, can you let it go?
  • What is the worst possible scenario or outcome?
    • What are the chances of that happening?

Afterwards, take a few deep, cleansing breaths and shift your focus to how you WANT to feel. Let go of the fear or doubt. Think of something or someone you love. As you inhale, breathe into your heart center opening and expanding it. As you exhale, release all of the fear and doubt, and allow the warmth of happiness to lift your spirit.

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