Monday, June 20th, 2016

Monday, June 20th, is a very auspicious day with the Summer Solstice (or Winter Solstice, depending upon where you reside) and the Full Moon appearing on the same day! This is a fairly rare event, happening around every 30 years or so, and brings with it something this poor planet of ours, as well as its occupants, can surely use. It ushers in a heightened energy of connection … a deeper, more profound sense of our shared mutual bonds I like to call ‘connectedness’.

This ‘connectedness’ goes beyond the ideas of who we are and how we support those in our family, workplace, friendships, and community. It is the deep-seated, profound appreciation and understanding of that which all humans from time to time experience … love, joy, pain, sorrow, fear, suffering, loss, heartbreak, and various forms of senseless devastation. As you look back on the events of last week in Orlando, you cannot help but feel the pain, suffering, sorrow, and heartbreak being experienced by those tragically ravaged by such horror and destruction of life.

We know that we all breathe the same air, drink from the same fountain of water from Mother Earth, witness the same cycles of the same Grandmother moon, and observe the changes of our seasons based on the position of our only Grandfather sun. ‘Connectedness’ goes beyond that simple concept and fact. ‘Connectedness’ incorporates the collective consciousness…where each emotional outpouring, regardless of where it originates (as in Paris when it was attacked), touches each and everyone of us. As well as the overwhelming fear and determination of the people fleeing their homeland in an attempt to save their own and their children’s lives…touching us whether we recognize it or not. When a large group of people face extermination or one small child loses its life in an incomprehensible manner, we are all engulfed in the emotion of it.

The Summer Solstice is the time when the sun reaches its highest peak, radiating a source of uplifting power and energy to each of us. Harnessing the energy of ‘connectedness’, use this time to lift your spirit, your thoughts, and your intentions in a way that will help transform the disconnect that has crept into our society, community and personal life. Take the time to witness your own personal space, feeling the energy you allow to surround and define you, your actions and your attitude. And, if that energy doesn’t feel like it welcomes ‘connectedness’, ask yourself what is preventing you or separating you from being connected. Is it fear, judgment, or a lack of understanding or participation in the emotional realm of consciousness?

This Full Moon, which some Native Americans refer to as the Strawberry Moon, Full Leaf Moon, or Summer Moon, is a great time to let go of all those ideas and concepts that hold you in a place of negativity, judgment, vindictiveness, or self-pity. With the fullness of summer upon us here in the northern hemisphere, allow yourself to emulate our great Mother Earth. Allow yourself to be full of life, to flourish in the abundance of life, and to give without expectation or exception.

Welcome to the fullness of summer!

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