Welcome to June!

So far, 2016 has proven to be a pretty busy, chaotic, full of change and distraction kind of year…and June, with all of its varied energies, gives the appearance of continuing that same theme. We have new and continued retrogrades happening this month, along with the usual New and Full moons, plus we have the added bonus of the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere.

I have heard many people say that June and its warmer weather took a very long time to get here. Those of us in the northern midwest have been fortunate to have escaped the floods, tornadoes and droughts found in so many other regions of the US. And, while many of us have escaped the onslaught of Mother Nature, none of us can escape the other energetic turbulence cascading across our little planet Earth.

When you are young, Earth seems so vast, with multiple cultures, traditions, and languages. But as you grow older, and perhaps wiser, you come to realize just how small and easily accessible all areas of your home, Mother Earth, really is. This realization hit home for many of us during the 9/11 attacks. We not only witnessed the devastation in person or via television, but we felt the energetic impacts of the devastation. We felt the pain and sorrow, as well as the fear and desperation of those caught in the midst of the attacks. For months, and for some years, we felt the violation, anger, and confusion as we stumbled through the wreckage, horror, and realization of what had taken place. And during it all, we felt the solidarity, community, and resolve to come together as a nation and a people, to unite, heal and protect ourselves from future and further invasion, insult, and violation.

At times you may sense the emotional energies of masses of people you do not know; who may live far from your own personal residence, but are experiencing wide-spread devastating events. You may not hear or know about their trials and tribulations until you turn on the news, read the newspaper or find it on the internet. However, their grief, fear and suffering, having traversed the oceans and continents, has settled in, and leaving you to feel a bit melancholy or moody. With all that is taking place in our homeland (e.g., fires, floods, tornadoes, prejudice and politics) and across the globe, there is no escaping the emotional upheavals transiting Mother Earth. And these emotional upheavals, coupled with retrogrades, the moons and solstice, all blend together creating a high energy, high impact roller coaster ride for us meer mortals.

June is the month of high energy. Starting with the continuing retrograde of Mars, going direct on June 29th. If you pay attention to Mars in retrograde, you will find it pulling you to slow down, take rest, think through your decisions before you take any action, and to channel your emotions and energy towards positive goals and outcomes. Saturn will remain in retrograde until August 13th, causing you to experience delays, setbacks, and other obstacles as you try to go about your usual activities. Take time to make alternate plans when trying to accomplish various tasks during this time, and understand that they will require extra time and effort to complete. On June 13th Neptune will enter retrograde causing your intuition to become more heightened and perhaps demanding a little more attention. You may notice a tug of war happening between your logical mind and your intuitive self. Adding to that sense of intuitiveness, Pluto continues it path of retrograde. Pluto in retrograde magnifies your need to purge and heal your spirit and soul, elevating your sense of compassion and deepening your desire for inner truth. Be careful not to lose yourself and your goals during this time. And finally, on June 27th, Chiron, the Wounded and Healed Healer, enters retrograde. It is during this time that deep, penetrating healing can take place, helping you to attain the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical health you desire.

June 5th welcomes in the New Moon, a time of new beginnings, new intentions and new energies. Make each day of the New Moon (June 4, 5, & 6) a special day of celebration. Set your intentions on the first day. Know with certainty and clarity what you want to bring new into your life; even if that something ‘new’ is simply a remake of something from the past. On the second day state and release your intention to the New Moon and Universe, filling yourself and the space around you with empowering energies. On the third day, begin to feel the making of what you are manifesting; feel its energy and yours together, while you continue empowering and manifesting your intention.

June 20th ushers in the Summer Solstice, the first day of summer and the longest day and shortest night here in the northern hemisphere. This is a great time to celebrate the sun, its warmth and energies, as well as its prolonged presence that day, and this time of year.

Far off in the deep blue sky,

Great white clouds are floating by;

All the world is dressed in green;

Many happy birds are seen,

Roses bright and sunshine clear

Show that lovely June is here.



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