Full Blossom Moon of May, 2016

It appears the long wait for sun and warmth is finally behind us … for the most part. And naturally, the theme for many of the Native American names for this month’s full moon are a reflection of the season.

The time for hibernating is over. It is time to shed the layers and begin to reveal what has been hidden. It is time to allow yourself to soak in the warmth of the sun, feel the fresh breeze, and dig your hands into Mother Earth and sync up with her rhythm. It is a time to reconnect with all of Nature; take a walk, ride a bike, dig in a garden or yard, listen to the birds and the footfalls of those who roam the fields and forests.

Do something pleasant for yourself during this full moon …

  • Take yourself outside.
  • Sit by a tree, on your front stoop, in your back yard, or in a park.
  • Allow the remnants of winter to be lifted and blown away, and allow your lungs to fill with the freshness of spring air.
  • Turn off the television, ipad, radio or phone, and tune into the sounds of the outdoors, nature, and the universe’s subtle sounds.
  • If you live in a city of steel and concrete, you can still find and revel in nature.
  • Witness the blooming of flowers, or the young and tiny grasses as they push their way through the earth, reaching for the sun.
  • If you don’t have space for a yard or garden, plant seeds in a pot and place them on a window sill, and grow some of your favorites herbs.

If warm weather is what you have been waiting for … don’t miss a moment of it! Get out and enjoy it!


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