The New Moon of May, 2016

I love the time of a New Moon because it always beckons me, and each of us, to begin anew, start something creative, or to step forward embracing the freedoms, changes, and transformations we have worked to create.

This particular New Moon, with all of its accompanying retrogrades, continues the idea and theme of introspection. (Have you found yourself slipping into deep reflection?) When Jupiter goes direct on May 9th, it signals a time for you to begin externalizing all that you have witnessed or discovered about yourself internally. This will be the time for you to truly begin to expand and embody all that you have come to know and own about yourself, your thoughts, your desires, your needs and your intentions.

This is not the time to hold back, be afraid or deny yourself your spiritual place and position in this lifetime. Step forward into your own solemn space. Reflect all that you are and all that you will ever be, so others may be guided in seeking their own solemn and sacred space, that reflects their own unique and deeply personal beliefs and understanding. Awaken the spirit that lives within you and give it wings to soar.

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