Trusting May Flowers

‘April showers bring May flowers’ isn’t referring to just the rains of April, it is symbolic of how our lives continue to progress (turn) forward; bringing forth the opportunities, space and energies for life anew. As the snow and rain recedes, the grasses, plants, and vegetation of Mother Earth begins its cycle of rebirth with a beautiful display of colors and sounds. New life abounds all around us, starting fresh, vibrant and exuding spirited energy; winding you up into a state of excited anticipation of what this new life, new time will lay before you. The question is…will you hang onto your old patterns, processes, thoughts and thinking, defying this opportunity to move away from the old and step into a new way, new life, or new beginning? Or, will you embrace the unknown, step beyond your old, ingrained fears, and trust that the Universe and all of life’s mysteries will lead you in a good and healthful way?

As we enter the month of May, we enter with the uncertainty and unpredictability of 5 separate and distinct planet retrogrades. Jupiter will go direct around May 9th, with Mercury following around May 22 (for more information about the retrogrades, see the post titled ‘April’s New Moon and the Retrogrades’). So we can expect a little shifting or unanticipated movement happening throughout the month of May. However, you must remember those changes you wanted, worked towards and asked for at the end of 2015 are now ready to bloom; with the winds of change blowing its blossoms in and around your life space.

So what do you do now? TRUST ! Every one of us are on a path of change. There is not one person untouched by the uncertainty of what is to come. The difference in each of the eventual outcomes is directly related to each person’s ability to take a leap of faith and TRUST. When things don’t go quite the way you planned, do you see a failure, let down or defeat? Or, do you see a new opportunity being presented and up for consideration? Do you take the time to witness, recognize and understand the benefits of what is being given or presented to you, or can you only see what didn’t happen, what didn’t transpire, and feel a sense of loss or disappointment?

TRUST yourself to let go of what was and embrace what will be.

  • If your life has been filled with responsibilities that are not yours to shoulder, directing your every move and decision, TRUST that you can set them down and break the pattern of submission. Let go of your fear of not doing or being enough, let go of being co-dependent.
  • If your life is filled with financial worries or debts, TRUST that the world is abundant and you too can have everything you need. Let go of the fear of not having enough.
  • If you are living a life that does not reflect your true but hidden nature, TRUST that you will be loved, accepted and welcomed when reflecting your own true nature. Let go of the fear of rejection, because we are all unique spirits of the Universe.
  • If you find yourself constantly worrying, judging, and striving to out do others, be the best, the smartest, cutest, coolest, etc., TRUST that whatever you do will be perfect. Let go of your fear of failure and the impossible measuring stick you have been using to measure success.
  • If you find yourself in difficult, abusive relationships, TRUST that you are worthy of being loved, honored and cared for by those you allow into your life. Let go of your fear of being alone or lonely, and begin seeing yourself in healthy, happy relationships.

The seeds of change you planted late last year and early this year have taken root and are growing. In life, change is inevitable and it isn’t always the changes you want to see or experience. But each and every opportunity of change is beneficial if you allow it to be. There is always something to be witnessed and learned, if you just TRUST it to be true; if you just take the time and pay attention to life’s unfolding. That which has no life, where life has come and gone, should remain behind, as the past, so new life, in all its uniqueness, can spread its roots and grow. Such is the cycle of life.

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May.
William Shakespeare

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