April’s Full Spring Moon

Many of our Native American ancestors recognized April as the month spring officially arrived, at least those who lived in the northern half of the United States. The Cherokee, Arapaho, Cheyenne, Ojibwe, Navajo, Creek, Passamaquoddy, and many others all made reference to the changing season with this full moon.

The mere mention of spring elicits images and sensations of warm breezes blowing through open doors and windows; the flowering and budding trees; the greening of grasses; the sound of children’s laughter as they run and play in yards and parks; sunshine brightening up the mornings and lingering longer in the evenings; and, the cleaning and clearing of winter’s lasting remains.

As indicated in my previous post, this Full Moon also carries with it 4 of this month’s 5 retrogrades, including Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Pluto. The affect of these retrogrades vary from person to person and from day to day just as the impact of influence ebbs and flows throughout our universe.

Whatever you are experiencing at this time, take these next 3 days to do something special for yourself.

  • Take the time to sit and read a good book or watch a movie;
  • Relax in a tub of hot, scented water and forgetting for those few precious moments about the world outside your bathroom door;
  • Take a walk in a park, in the woods or in your neighborhood and reconnect with Mother Nature and all the other forms of life living here on Mother Earth with you;
  • Tilt your head back and allow the sun to warm your face, your body and your soul, and feel how nurturing and nourishing those long awaited rays of sun can feel;
  • At night, take a break and gaze up in the sky and send a prayer of gratitude to your oldest Grandmother, Grandmother Moon;
  • And finally, make a promise and commitment to yourself, that you will behave in a humble, honorable and healthy way towards yourself, your thoughts, your hopes and your dreams throughout this season of Spring.

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