The Turning of April

You made it through March, with all its energetic upheavals, and have finally arrived at April’s doorstep; the doorstep to nurturing and turning.

The old saying of ‘April showers bring May flowers’ not only speaks of the weather and what goes on outside, but speaks as well to what goes on inside … within you. For some, March was like a battle field where you had to fight or work hard to stand your ground. For some, as the month progressed, opportunities to realize and actualize their choices were presented in ways they could not imagine, ignore or discount. And for others, if not most, it was a month of movement.

With feet planted firmly on the ground, your position, decisions and choices in place and accepted (mentally, if not emotionally), you are now ready to begin the process of ‘feeding and watering’ your chosen direction. You may feel you already started the process during the month of March, but you will come to see and experience the diverse ways in which the Universe and the energies of April will help to nurture your chosen decisions and direction.

As the month of April begins to unfold, take the time to witness the growth or turning of your previous decisions and inclinations. Through the nurturing process, those decisions and inclinations will begin to develop a ‘life of their own’; moving towards a completion or culmination through its own development. As it continues to progress, you will see how ‘what was’ begins to turn to ‘what will be’. It is a time of excitement, fear, enthusiasm, anxiety and uncertainty.

It is during the month of April that the pattern, practices, intentions, and direction are set into place, and the Universal energies begin setting the pace and revealing to you your potential opportunities. These patterns, practices, intentions and directions will hold for the next 6 months, if not longer.

But the Universe will continue to give you opportunities to modify or change whatever pattern, practice, intention or direction you find no longer serves you. As the end of the year begins to approach, you will once again be invited to begin that movement towards change; letting go of some things while making space for some new, fresh and better.

As you move through this month and all of the months yet to come, always remember that life is what you choose to make it. So make this April, 2016, a month of happiness. Make room for laughter in all that you do, say and see. Even when you are faced with difficult decisions or situations, recall a memory that will bring a smile or tear of joy to your face. The one constant in life is change; make your biggest change the best one. Change to happiness.

“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.”
– William Shakespeare

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