The Full Windy Moon of March

As I begin to write this post, I am taken back by the many ancient names given to this month’s moon. Not because of the number or variety of names, but because many of these old and familiar names speak to the chaos many people and nations are experiencing today.

Think about when you are outdoors and the wind is whipping around you, blowing dirt, sand, debris or anything else it can pick up and throw; throwing it in every direction. You may find yourself covering your eyes, pulling up your collar, and walking very deliberately, trying to maneuver yourself in a direction of a straight line. The whole experience can leave you feeling a little beat up and harried, and relieved once you have made your way to a calmer, safer place away from the chaos of the winds. And while this is a month known for it’s external winds, it can also be the month bearing internal unrest and anarchy for us poor noble souls.

March has been the host of a solar eclipse with the New Moon, the spring equinox just 2 days ago, and is following that all up with a lunar eclipse with today’s Full Moon. These heightened universal energies can cause you to feel confused, adrift, lost, disconnected, jittery, anxious, stymied, unable to meditate or focus, and a myriad of other discomforting sensations. Accept what you are experiencing, but don’t lose this opportunity to set your sights and intentions on where you want to be come the end of this year.

As mentioned in previous posts, don’t get lost in the imagery of what you want to achieve or how it should look. Surround yourself with the passion, spirit, warmth, emotions and subtleties of where you want to see yourself. Grab this time, this energy and use it to help propel you forward. Within the next day or two …

  • Find some time just for you. Whether you settle into a good hot tub of water, make yourself a favorite cup of hot tea, or go outside and take a walk in nature, take some time (more than 15 minutes) and turn your thoughts away from your everyday responsibilities, tasks, and others.
  • Allow yourself to take a few deep cleansing breathes. On your inhale, feel your chest and back open and expand as you slowly count to 5 or higher. On your exhale, release the tension stored in your neck, shoulders and back as you slowly count to 5 or higher. Do this a minimum of 10 times.
  • As you feel yourself relax, place a smile on your lips. Let go of any tension in and around your forehead, eyes and ears, and let your smile relax and become comfortable on your face.
  • Now spend the rest of your time remembering how you want to feel, behave, and live the rest of your life. Let go of that which takes away your smile, for it no longer serves you. And, embrace that which makes you smile.

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