Mars and March, 2016

As I sit here writing this post, I yearn to be outside, in the warmth of the sun. I have been blessed this year with a month in the sun of Nevada. Tomorrow it comes to an end, and from what I see and hear about the weather in Michigan … I am NOT looking forward to the return.

One of the things I learned this month is how much the sun and its warming rays of goodness impacts all of life. While I am naturally a pretty happy, content and spiritual person, seeing the sun each morning (and throughout the day) has only put me in an even lighter, brighter frame of mind. I was also reminded by a visiting friend this past week how much vitamin D can impact your mood and attitude … which comes directly to us from those wonderful, penetrating rays of the sun.

The month of March was named after the Roman God Mars, who is attributed with such characteristics as unrelenting fierceness and aggressiveness. On the other hand, Mars was originally known as the God of fertility and procreation, in all life forms. All of these characteristics will apply to the coming month of March.

First, don’t forget that this is the year of achievement, and all of the changes, initiatives, and goals you set into motion over the past 4 years are now coming to fruition. You may not remember all of the ideas and ideals you set forth for yourself and your life, but with each and every day that you allowed yourself to be moved toward a different direction (whether you saw them as good, bad or indifferent), you have invited changes to be present and to manifest.

This coming month of March will offer to you the challenge of staying your course, moving forward, or to step backward to that space and life you have come to know (maybe not like, but know). It is also the month that will, regardless of which direction you choose, fertilize and reproduce your choices … now and throughout the remainder of year.

If you find yourself wondering if you have the strength, courage or determination to follow your ‘dreams’ and create the life you long to live, this will be the month of challenges. You may find yourself feeling alone in your quest, or bombarded with questions or criticisms about what you are doing. People may ask why you are behaving in a way that is unlike your previous behaviors, attitudes or interests; or, what is going on with you that makes you seem so different, distant or uncaring. You may find yourself wondering if you are ‘letting others down’ by taking care of yourself and working to fulfill your own needs, wants and desires. This will be the month you will need to find your balance; the balance between taking care of yourself, your needs and your wants and living a life of respect, honor, responsibility, and mindfulness.

If you choose to step backward, returning to the familiar, you are not only letting yourself down, you are missing out on an opportunity to witness your own transformation, and of reaching your own full potential. And, what a gift it is to those in your life who also want to make some life altering decisions and changes, to witness your courage and strength as you walk your path of change and transition.

March 15th ushers in the Ides of March, a time of decisions. Don’t forget, God Mars is aggressive and decisive. The decisions made on or around that time will carry through the remainder of the year. So, as always, be especially mindful during this time and make decisions that serve you, not logic or others.

As the month of March comes to an end, you will find yourself feeling more at ease and facing fewer personal challenges. This is not to say that the roller coaster ride is over. It simply means that the more comfortable you become with your own personal decisions and choices, and the less you rely on others to define who you are, your role, and your decisions, the happier, more content, and peaceful you will feel.



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