Full Moon of February, 2016

In the past I have written about the Native American names given to the full moons, then correlated them with what was happening during the current full moon. With names like Full Bony Moon, Moon When The Trees Crack From The Cold, Mullet Fish Moon and Wind Moon, it is clear the names are a reflection of the season, food supply, and weather. But the weather has been wild for many of us this winter season, with tornadoes, floods, heavy snow storms and unusually cold or warm temperatures. We don’t have the same food supply worries our ancestors of 200 years ago experienced. If we run out of food today, it isn’t because we didn’t store enough for the long, cold, barren winter months. It is for other reasons altogether. And, the cold winds, heavy snows or rain don’t worry us so much, because we can almost always find a safe shelter to keep us from the outside elements. Yes, natural disasters still occur, but our lives are not dictated by the changes of season, available food supplies or weather.

Earlier this month I wrote about February being a month of reprieve, the Chinese year of the Monkey, and this year’s theme of achievement. What does all of this mean in conjunction with this month’s Full Moon? It means it is time to let go, set aside or move on. There are no more excuses. There is only the road ahead; forward movement to that place your very Being yearns for.

Is it difficult to put your needs first? Do you feel fearful at the thought of putting yourself before someone else? Is it okay for others to put themselves first? Do you think poorly of those who take care of themselves, or do you admire them for their strength and courage? On your priority list, who comes first? Who comes second or last? If you are not first on your own list, you won’t be first on anyone else’s list either.

The full moon signals a time of completion and 2016 is the year of achievement. Take this time of the full moon, and all of the days leading up to the New Moon of March, and put an end to your excuses. Each day let go of at least one excuse of why you cannot move forward towards the life your heart and very Being longs to live. No one is stopping you … except you. Whatever the excuses may be that hold you back from achieving your true inner happiness, now is the time to gather your courage, recognize it for just what it is…an excuse, and let it go, walk away from it, and don’t look back.

I see so many people whose lives are full of drama, health issues, emotional pain and suffering, addictions, self pity, anger and hatred. Letting go of these burdens isn’t easy. Over time they have woven a pattern into your very existence … ever present in your life; a habit that becomes as hard to break as any addiction, with its own emotional, physical and mental withdrawals. 2016 is your year to kick the habits that hold you stuck in a life of suffering, unhappiness and stagnation. During this Full Moon, see beyond where you are by rearranging your priorities and putting yourself first. No more excuses…only action.

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