February’s Brief Reprieve

For many, 2016 will be remembered as the year of life altering events. We don’t always remember how we came to initiate a change in our life, or even recognize those moments when we do. But, our life is a direct reflection of our own design, initiation and intention. Perhaps you were looking for a simpler, easier life; one less burdensome and more uplifting. Or, perhaps you are finding your life unfolding in ways you had only heard about or hoped for. This year’s theme of achievement is bound to lead you to a better place; the place you need to be before this year draws to an end. However, getting there may require you to travel on a road less traveled or one you would never select for yourself. The journey may lead you to places you find uncomfortable, unfamiliar, or down right painful. But fear not, for they will be just temporary holding places; places you need to experience before moving on to that ‘better place’. The one you initiated and activated so many years ago.

The month of January saw the first of three Mercury retrogrades come and go. The turmoil, unrest, and confusion often accompanying these retrogrades were felt by many. It seems the final phase of letting go and destruction of 2015 had been lingering, dragging its proverbial feet as the old year turned into the new. And while mindfulness was the theme for January, it is important you continue that practice throughout this year, and through all of the years to come.

You will experience a small reprieve this month from most of the chaos, anxiety, stress or discord you may have experienced recently, as Mercury has gone direct and the remaining disruptive aspects of 2015 have finished. With this being a leap year, take full advantage of this month’s reprieve. Make plans to get out and do something fun. Plan to be with the people you enjoy being with the most; those who like to laugh and can find humor in most of life’s moments. Organize a get together that is simple, care-free, and requires you to do nothing except show up! Kick aside any doubts or negative thoughts and make your target laughter this month.

As an exercise, take notice of how many times you find yourself laughing out loud, as well as the times you find yourself agitated, frustrated or mildly irritated. At the end of each day, recount in your mind each of these events. Allow yourself to feel the lightness and sensations of those moments of laughter. Then, looking at the moments of agitation, frustration or irritation, see if you can’t find just a morsel of humor in each of those events.

Take with gratitude what February has to offer … a reprieve. Allow yourself to take advantage of these upcoming precious days of rest … the reprieve from the emotional roller coaster of your life. You deserve it. You have earned it. It is a part of what you have achieved.


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