The New Moon of January 9th, 2016

Once again we are entering the 3-days of the New Moon; a time of starting fresh, and with a sense of pure and earnest intentions. It is a time of stretching ourselves towards that which seems just out of reach, and perhaps out of our own clear vision. It is in this mindset that we must start each new cycle or endeavor, whether it is the beginning of a new project, journey, or some other adventure.

With Mercury in retrograde until January 25th, this is a time to focus on communication.

  • Are you able to express your thoughts and ideas in a clear and concise way to others, and to yourself?
  • When listening to others, are you able to differentiate what is important information and what is simply distracting chatter or nonsense?
  • Are you honest in your message, or are you saying what you want others to hear?
  • Are you listening to the thoughts that roll around in your mind, and the emotions they elicit?
  • Can you quiet your mind and discern what thoughts and information are of importance and which are simply idle chatter or monkey mind?

Joining Mercury, Jupiter has entered retrograde, remaining there until May 9th. Jupiter retrograde influences your pursuit or drive to finding, recognizing and honoring truth. Coupled with the Mercury’s domination over communication, you may find yourself doubting what some will tell you is the truth. You will sense a need for unfettered truth and honesty, not only from others but from deep within yourself.

Take these next 3-days to listen to what is your truth about …

  • love and relationships;
  • honor and integrity;
  • respect and loyalty;
  • humility and humanity;
  • equality and fairness;
  • starvation and greed;
  • Mother Earth and all life.


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