A Thought For January, 2016

Once again we are on the ‘upswing’, the start of a new month, the first month, of a new year. I am always excited about the start of a new year … even though it always starts with another birthday. And, since this year of 2016 has a year long theme of achievement, this first month ushers in a theme of mindfulness.

Mindfulness elicits ideas of being …

  • Diligent, in continuing to pursue the goals you set for yourself. Avoiding distractions that can lead you astray, and move you in a direction that is counter to your ultimate goals.
  • Enthusiastic, in your discovery of what serves you the best, and how it benefits you and all those around you.
  • Conscientious of your actions, reactions, words, thoughts and deeds; making certain they are a reflection of the person you want to be, the person you are, or the person you want to be known as.
  • Vigilant, in taking care of yourself in a good and healthful way; while ridding yourself of negative, destructive habits and influences.
  • Discriminating, in how you handle pleasant and unpleasant situations or events in your life; taking responsibility for your decisions and choices, and letting others take responsibility for their own.
  • Thoughtful as you move through your days and weeks, and recognizing the effects of all you do or say.
  • Considerate, to all who come in contact with you, whether at a store, gas station, or simply passing you in the street.
  • Caring, about all of life.

We often get caught up in our own little world of worries, anxieties, frustrations, and distractions. We can also be very mindful of those we interact with on a daily basis; like those we love, work with, or converse with regularly. Or, when we see some tragedy or horrific event taking place in our town or the world, we may spend a few moments being thankful it didn’t effect us or our family and friends directly, and wish for something better for those who are suffering.

In addition, this month brings us two retrogrades. On January 5th, Mercury goes retrograde for 3 weeks, going direct on the 25th. As mentioned in previous posts, Mercury retrograde awakens Murphy’s Law … “if something can go wrong, it will”. Technology and all forms of communication suffer and crash through these periods. On January 7th, Jupiter moves into retrograde for a much longer period, going direct on May 9th. Jupiter retrograde can cause you to question or reevaluate your most basic beliefs, including religion, philosophy, and other personal ideals or ideas. Just a little something to add to your need to be mindful.

This month requires mindfulness, covering all areas of your life and at all times. To realize all that you have achieved or will achieve this year, you must be mindful. You must be aware of all the subtle little shifts and changes that are and will occur. Don’t allow yourself to get derailed, distracted, or otherwise preoccupied with inconsequential trivia and blather.

  • Wake up each day with a smile on your face.
  • Before you get out of bed, stretch your body from head to toe.
  • Think of one thing you are grateful for and say ‘thank you’.

Before you climb into bed at night,

  • Go to your window and look for the moon or a star.
  • If you can’t see one, simply look at the vastness that rises above you.
  • Give thanks for every breath you took that day.
  • And, be mindful of all that has blessed you.


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