The Theme for 2016

The song Age of Aquarius has been running through my head lately. It seems the tune likes to pop into my head as I start my day, as a reminder of where we are (from an astrological perspective) and why so much of the world appears to be in such utter and total chaos. It isn’t just about the conflicts between countries, governments, radical extremists, or religious fanatics. It is also about the extremes we are witnessing in our weather with droughts, floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, snows in the south and warm temperatures in the north.

Many people will tell you that if you are feeling conflicted internally, it will be reflected in your external environment … and visa versa. If you look around, that statement may be true, as conflict and chaos appear to reign supreme everywhere these days. It doesn’t help that we have people in the media yelling into their microphones at us all day, everyday telling us what we should do, think, and buy, while often inciting fear, hostility and prejudice.

What does this have to do with the Age of Aquarius? While there is a debate as to when we will move (or have moved) into the Age of Aquarius, many agree the shift from Pisces took place in 2012. Whether the shift took place in 2012 or will take place at a later date, we (the entire Universe) are experiencing an energetic shift. A pervasive shift in energy that affects everything and everyone, creating a change in how we think, live, speak, and feel. We spent almost 2,000 years under the influence of Pisces and are now feeling the subtle changes and influences of Aquarius. Anger, war, hatred, power, prejudice, hostility and suspicion were the answers to conflict in the past. But today, under the influence of Aquarius, we are seekers of peace, harmony, alliances, acceptance, and truth.

Yes, we still have dark, destructive and viscous forces on this planet that fight to maintain a world of separateness, greed, bitterness, fear, hatred, and heinous evil. They strive to tighten their grip of darkness, banishing any light and breaking the will of those held within their grip. The further away from the influences of Pisces the spiritual majority moves, the harder and more violent the dark destructive forces work to (re)gain or tighten its grip of power and control. But the more we resonate with the positive, uplifting energy of love, compassion, peace and truth, the more it will spread across the world and throughout our Universe, effecting even those who live under a reign of terror.

In 2012 we felt ourselves being drawn to making some changes in our lives. We made commitments to looking closely at what we wanted in our life and what no longer served us. We kicked into gear our own self-designed processes that would move us from states of ‘being negative’ to ‘thinking positive’, from ‘controlling’ to ‘flowing’, and from ‘doubting’ to ‘knowing’. We have worked hard at letting go of those things that kept us separate from true happiness and fulfillment, and from recognizing our own potential.

2016 will continue to push you forward through the processes of change you initiated back in 2012. As you know, change isn’t just something you think about and then it happens. Change is a process that unfolds before you, with you and alongside you; and only fully engages as you become ready and accepting of it. So, look for 2016 to bring …

  • separation in those areas of your life that are no longer working or serving you; perhaps a job, relationship or responsibilities that do not belong to you.
  • completion of projects that seemed to have taken on a life of their own; like remodeling a home or office, or finishing an educational pursuit.
  • new opportunities to your life unexpectedly; e.g., financial upturn, new relationships, or travel.
  • attention to those areas of your life you have ignored or taken for granted; like family, your health, or some relationships.
  • momentum to those things in your life you express a passion for; such as a hobby, spiritual undertaking or an entrepreneurial endeavor.
  • an assault of negativity, conflict and strife, that will challenge your will to not engage or become a participant in fear and prejudice mongering.
  • new beginnings in the realm of establishing your personal/professional presence, self-confidence or other spheres of influence, understanding or social engagements.
  • unforeseen challenges; e.g., in a marriage, partnership, business adventure, or health.
  • resistance to those things you want to push forward but are not in your best interest at this time; e.g., moving, changing careers, or investing.
  • closure for your own personal healing, growth, and prosperity.
  • happiness and peace, as you shift your focus from the negative to the positive; especially as you move away from all that is less than positive in your life.
  • abundance into your life as you clear away the clutter of noise, distractions, and negative attitudes from your life, and replacing it with grace and gratitude.

The theme for 2016 is achievement. This is the year you will begin to realize all of the changes you put in place and initiated back in 2012. Take inventory of who you were then, and all you have become now. The processes are still in motion; running in the background. Some of them you are fully aware of, some you don’t notice at all. Some of them will finish up this year, perhaps spawning others. But ALL of them were of your own design, and will continue to move you to a far, far better place then even you considered.

Happy New Year!!!

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