December’s Spirit Moon

The Ojibwe refer to the coming full moon as Spirit Moon. How appropriate when our final full moon of the year rises on the night of Christmas!

I want to spend a little time and write about the full moon. We often hear people refer to Father Sun and Grandmother Moon; the sun being masculine while the moon feminine. Since the moon has no light of its own, it peacefully sits amidst the other luminaries, stars, and reflects its image from the light of the sun. The moon seems passive when compared to the sun, but is it passive when it directs the tides, the rains, the waters, the winds and the seasons?

As you come to better know and understand the influences of the moon, you realize its cycles are representative of our own human development. The first cycle, or new moon, represents new beginnings, inception, or a new start. The crescent moon reflects youth or a time of growth, learning and experiencing all that is new and unused. The full moon is often thought of as a time of fullness, completion, maturity, or in some cases, being pregnant. Finally, the waning moon is a time of rest, sleep, or the ebbing of life. And then, the cycle begins again.

So, here we are at the end of the year, about to celebrate Christmas and the holidays, and the coming of a new year. What a great time it is for each of us to take advantage of the next 3-days of the full moon … the Spirit Moon.

December 24th

  • Start making a list … of all those in your life you are grateful for and all the many reasons why

December 25th

  • Check it twice … make it a point to let each and every person on that list know how important and special they are to you

December 26th

  • Give yourself a gift … of gratitude for all that you do … for your friends and acquaintances; for those you help, aid or assist; for your random acts of kindness; for your generosity, goodwill and intentions; to help yourself reach your full potential and live a life of peace, harmony, health and happiness.

And remember … when you look up at that big Spirit Moon, smile and she’ll smile back at you!


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