The Last New Moon of 2015

As the end of December and the year 2015 draws near, take some time to reflect on all that has come into your life these past 12 months. Remember the people who, in just one year, have come and gone from your life, leaving little trace of their presence, except in your mind and heart. And, remember those people who remained in your life for longer periods of time, but for whatever reason have left, leaving behind a myriad of memories and their imprint forever in your heart.

As the cycle of renewal begins this Friday with the last New Moon of the year, make this the time you witness the lapse between the past and the future. It is that little slice of time between what was and what will be that we call the present. Make the most of this time and this season by using the full 3-days of the New Moon.

  • On Thursday, spend time reviewing the year 2015 and all it held for you; the joy, the heartbreak, the lessons and goals.
  • On Friday, allow yourself the time and space to be a witness to all you are; your times of pleasure, happiness and bliss, your times of sadness, gloom and depression, your random thoughts and intentions, your inner voice that speaks to you when you are still, quiet and without mindful or contemplative thought, and the images and emotions that casually surface without provocation.
  • Then, on Saturday, allow yourself to step forward into the future. Put before you the future you want for yourself. Do it with intention and the belief it will be yours. Do not create or imagine it in finite detail; creating a picture of material goods, rewards or relationships. Instead, create or imagine how you want to feel each and every morning when you awaken from your night’s slumber, and how you want to feel each night before you close your eyes and end your day. Toss those images and sensations into the vast Universe with all of your heart’s joy and abandon, allowing them to manifest throughout the next 12 months. At the end, let go of the images and sensations knowing they will be honored and presented back to you by those who watch over you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! And, Happy Holidays!!!!

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