The 2015 Finale

Today’s world seems a terrifying and scary place. The bombings and killings taking place all over the world appear relentless. The news media, racing to be the first, best and delivering the most complete and graphic stories, work hard to beat the images and horror into our daily lives and psyche. It can lead you to believe the ‘moral majority’ no longer exists and has been replaced by corrupt, evil monsters. There is no denying the minions of evil are out there; often faceless cowards with no minds of their own, wreaking havoc in their wake. But these are not the majority.

More and more people are seeking their truth and experiencing spiritual awakening. It is what drives so many of us each and every day; that search for inner peace, harmony and sharing of community. This is not a new phenomenon; people have been searching for peace and harmony since the dawn of time. Since we live by a silent oath of honor, you do not see us on the front pages of newspapers or see us on the national news networks. We are the everyday people who support our nation, look out for the welfare and caring of all life, and continuously try to improve and empower our lives and the lives of all people. We are the spiritual, moral majority. We come in vast numbers, in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Our combined spiritual influence is far greater than those who walk in darkness and spread evil.

Here we stand, in the last days of December. Celebrate your life; ignite the fire within you. As you walk through the month of December …

  • allow yourself to witness how far you have journeyed these past 12 months.
  • embrace those who bring you joy and happiness.
  • be compassionate to those who are less fortunate than you.
  • let go of those whose energy is draining, degrading, and leaves you feeling gloomy or pessimistic.
  • remove yourself from situations where you feel compromised or prejudiced.
  • take a moment to just be present, letting go of thoughts of what might come or what has been.
  • while deciding what to give to a loved one this holiday season, make sure it is something they want, not just something you want to give.
  • find moments to laugh … at yourself and at the humor all life embodies.
  • should anxiety over the future begin to raise its ugly little head, put a smile on your face and see the beauty in all that surrounds you.
  • recognize it is not how much you spend or give that matters, but the thoughts of love that you convey.
  • treat each and every day as though it is your last.
  • celebrate and honor all life, for it is a gift from your Creator.
  • offer random acts of kindness … anonymously, if possible.
  • step out of your realm of comfort, and allow yourself to experience something new and different.
  • give yourself permission to let go of all that no longer serves you in a good way.
  • remember those from your past who made you laugh the hardest.
  • be thankful to those who have walked with you through your good times and bad.
  • recognize all you have come to know and all you have come to be.
  • remove yourself from cynics and cynicism.
  • align yourself to continue moving forward through the upcoming changes on your path.
  • acknowledge and quench your spiritual thirst.
  • ponder your holiday beliefs and traditions, then reflect it.


One thought on “The 2015 Finale

  1. Thank you for that beautiful and fresh reminder that good and honor still exists. Even the best of us need a reminder to stop and reflect on all the beauty that exists ,that surrounds us and to consciously be aware of now.


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