The Freezing Full Moon of November, 2015

As the days and nights turn colder here in the northern hemisphere, our thoughts, attitudes and activities seem to slow down, moving us inward and perhaps, indoors. The original people of North America moved indoors, sitting by their fires with their families, telling stories while passing along their traditions and beliefs. This was a time when every family member aided and supported one another.

As we come together to give thanks and to celebrate our own family, friends and traditions, try taking a quiet moment to gaze upon the face of our Grandmother Moon, as she shines down upon each of us. No matter where each of us happens to be in this world, we all stare at the same moon, drink from the same waters, breathe the same air, and walk upon the same face of our first mother, Mother Earth.

For the next 3-days, give yourself permission to be quiet. As you gather together with your family and friends, listen with your heart. Hear what is being said, or not said. Be the listener. Learn about those you think and believe you know. Embrace them with your presence and attention. You’ll walk away feeling a deep sense of connection and love.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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