Our Adopted Holiday Family

Many thanks to all of you who have so generously donated food, personal items, and money. We were able to provide this family with more than just a Thanksgiving dinner, but were able to stock their pantry for weeks to come.
Here are the comments from our school contact and the mother…
So thankful to you all and the food pantry you provide. It is so nice to see the most generous amount of food donated. The fact that you all look beyond just the day of Thanksgiving and provide much more is so appreciated. The mother that came to pick up the food has adopted 5 children with special needs and her husband is the only one that works. When she saw the food her mouth literally dropped open and said ‘That is all for us”……Her eyes welled up with tears. The relief in her was unbelievable to not have to worry whether she said to “pay rent or buy food”…..how sweet you all are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……on a lighter note she kept saying ….”wait …wait there is more!!!!!!!!! and thank goodness I brought the truck!
happy thanksgiving~!

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