New Moon of November, 2015

While you can see and feel the change of the season, can you feel the energetic changes taking place all around you? Can you feel the changes that take place during the 3-days of the new moon? Can you feel how the movements of our solar system effect your emotions? your thoughts? your sleep patterns? your concentration or focus?

The New Moon always ushers in a time of new beginnings, the start of a new cycle, and a time to move forward, to take the next or a new step into your future. November’s New Moon brings an opportunity for renewal and rebirth of relationships.

As the holidays approach and the tensions of the season begin to settle in, relationships can begin to experience the stress and strains of the season. Even though you may find yourself remembering or imagining the warmth, joy and sensations of the holiday season, lacking patience for the ones you love is not an unusual event. If you are finding yourself having doubts or concerns about your relationships, yearning for something new, a little more exciting or less dramatic, this may be the time to rejuvenate or renew those relationships most important to you.

The demands of the season will not be going away anytime soon, so being aware of how you are feeling is not only important, but critical to your long term sense of happiness and well-being. When you find yourself agitated or in doubt about your relationships, whether it is in regards to your partner, a family member or friend, take two minutes out of your day to understand what you are feeling and experiencing. Don’t simply assume that what you are feeling at that moment is what resides deep within you.

To move beyond the emotion of the present moment and pull forward what lies deep within you, try doing the following …

  • Recognizing the thoughts running through your mind,
    • How do they make you feel?
    • What emotion are you feeling?
    • Where in your body does the emotion present itself?
  • Focusing on the emotion and where it resides,
    • Close your eyes and, if you can, place your right hand over that space.
    • Slowly breathe breath into that space.
  • As you feel your emotions settling down
    • With your eyes closed, see the smiling face of the person involved in your stress to your mind’s eye.
    • While holding the image, begin breathing love from your heart to theirs.
  • As your breath slows and your heart warms, slowly open your eyes and smile.



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