Neptune’s Influence

Retrogrades are interesting events, occurring regularly throughout the year. Each planet seems to take their turn in creating the optical illusion of spinning backward, or reversing its path. Many people have heard about Mercury’s retrograde, which happens an average of four times a year, and the havoc it can create in the world of communications, travel, technology and relationships.

Each planet has its own unique effect on the Universe and Mother Earth. But I like to think of Neptune as the great leveler of logic. Those aligned with Neptune, whether direct or in retrograde, often operate from an intuitive or esoteric pattern of thinking. These people often ‘think’ with their heart instead of their brain and pure logic. Now that Neptune is in retrograde, and will continue to be until it goes direct on November 18, 2015, even the most logical person is finding themselves drawn to or experiencing moments of intuition, artistic creativity, or flashes of insight into areas never experienced before.

Many of my clients have expressed surprise over an insight or intuitive hunch they experienced over the last few months that left them wondering or asking the question, ‘what is happening to me?’ In fact, there has been an increase in the number of people seeking advice and personal coaching to help them develop, hone, or better understand the esoteric or other worldly realms of spiritualism.

So, as we move our way through the remainder of Neptune’s retrograde, you may find yourself possessing more clarity and insight into matters that have otherwise seemed confusing. Don’t fall back into questioning what you know to be true, simply smile to yourself as you acknowledge this new found insight and awareness.

Your dreams may suddenly seem filled with symbolism and messages, information that had previously eluded you. Dreams are often considered an avenue into your psychic realm, holding the answers to all of your unfathomable questions. Quite often it is impossible to remember the details or images of your dreams, but not during Neptune’s period of retrograde. Neptune opens the gate to those esoteric realms.

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