I was taken by surprise last week when a couple of people asked if during this past weekend, with its eclipse and blood moon, people would begin to ascend to the next level of consciousness or dimension. At first I thought they might be joking with me, but quickly realized they were quite serious.

Those of you who know me, know I have spent a great deal of time studying various religions, belief systems and philosophies. In addition, I have spent an equal or greater amount of time in meditation and channeling information from those who guide me. I am not here to knock anybody’s personal beliefs but to simply ask the question, where is it you want to go?

Most people I have asked that question to come back stating they just want to ‘get out of here’, escape the life they are in, and be free from the stress and strains of their everyday life. They believe their life will be better somewhere else, ‘on the other side’, or in the next dimension. They believe that what they have created here will simply slip away and life will be beautiful, blissful, peaceful and joyous. Some even hope that the people in their life will be removed, left behind or placed in a different existence so they don’t have to see or be with them. To all of that I say “Wow!”

I can’t help but wonder what people believe resides in another dimension of higher frequency or higher consciousness. Does it look like it does here? Is life similar to what we experience here? When we transition, move on, or escape this dimension of reality, do we simply move to another place that looks a lot like here? Are there people moving around like we do here? Do they look the same or are they ageless, timeless? Are there mountains and valleys, oceans and deserts, sun and rain, parents and children?

I believe we create our own reality; good, bad or indifferent, it is how we choose to surround ourselves. People will undoubtedly argue the point that they would not choose to live the life they are living, but I beg to differ. ‘Your vibe attracts your tribe’ is true. If you think and talk about what you don’t want in your life, you will attract it. If you think, talk and act in a positive, uplifting manner, that is what you will attract. If you find yourself continuously involved in your own and other people’s drama, no matter what language you use to describe your dislike of it, you are attracting it. If you find your life heavy and burdensome, you are creating it. If you find yourself consumed with financial worries and disasters, or if you find yourself identifying your failures or lack of success via your bank account, you are inviting these problems into your life.

What you manifest is a direct reflection of your inner self. If your world around you appears in chaos, so too is your inner self. If you believe you haven’t ‘enough’, then your inner self feels a sense of lacking. If you find you cannot quiet your mind or simply be alone without distractions, your inner voice and wisdom is being over shadowed by your ego mind. When people, thoughts and attitudes appear to control your every waking moment, there are no boundaries with which to rein them in and bring order to the chaos.

If you want to ascend, moving to a higher consciousness, begin by taking responsibility for your choices and your life. Don’t look to the outside world to fix what you have created; instead, look inward. What boundaries have you established with the people in your life? What messages are you sending out to those around you and to yourself? Do you believe in yourself and your ability to be happy? Do you know what it means to be happy? Can you be happy without any external influences? Can you be happy knowing someone else might not be, based on your actions or decisions?

Are you a victim, survivor, or creator of your own destiny? If you are a victim in your life, then you have chosen to let others and past events rule or decide your fate. Do you look at your life and feel discouraged, believing there is nothing you can do to improve it? Or, are you ready to take responsibility for yourself and your decisions, looking beyond the past and present, and making the future a more positive reality? If you are a survivor, you have chosen to ‘identify with your battle scars’, living as though life is a battle you must fight for to win, or survive. Are you afraid to let ‘your guard down’ for fear of having to continuously fight for what you want, need or deserve, fearing something bad could happen if you are not diligent; or, have you laid ‘your sword and shield down’ deciding instead to walk a calmer, more positive and peaceful path in life, believing you are worthy of it? If you are a creator, you take responsibility for your choices, being mindful of their consequences, and creating a life of peaceful service and harmony. You try to always recognize and honor the paths of others, extend a hand when asked or needed, have established boundaries that deflect drama, chaos, negativity and other debilitating energies, and walk in mindfulness through life’s journey.

According to, ascend means to move, climb or go upward; mount or rise; to proceed from an inferior to a superior degree or level. So, you can ascend in this lifetime…moving from a state of victim or survivor to creator, if you choose. It takes some effort on your part and a commitment to Self. I believe you will find the experience to be profound in so many ways, and liberating beyond measure. While the initial effort may seem a bit daunting, once you get into the flow of it, it will seem quite simple with no effort at all.


4 thoughts on “Ascending

  1. I found myself nodding my head yes thru reading your shared thoughts. One thought left me a bit confused though, where I can’t seem to get my mind wrapped around it. “………If you find you cannot quiet your mind or simply be alone without distractions, your inner voice and wisdom is being over shadowed by your ego mind. …….”. Could you further elaborate the correlation of the ego mind with the aforementioned?

    Outside of that, this really hit the nail on the head in reference to so many I know. Well, that thought may too, if I could grasp it. 🙂

    Thank You,

    Diane Tomsick


    1. Thank you, Diane, for your comment and question. Let me see if I can clear this up, and if I don’t, let me know and I’ll try again! Your inner or spiritual voice and wisdom comes from your higher Self. It is that part of you that knows what has not been spoken and sees what the physical eye cannot. It is that which carries wisdom to you when your mind is at rest, sometimes in your dreams. Your ego mind is the one that carries historical knowledge; reminding you of past events, failures, hurts, successes, teachings and fears. There is often a struggle that takes place between your ego mind and your spiritual voice and wisdom.


  2. Ah, yes. Ok. I was interpreting the ego mind as the ego noun, knowing better than intuition, which can get one in trouble. I couldn’t understand the connection between that and the racing mind. I’m in the understanding then, that the inner voice is telling us to be calm, be still and listen, yet ego, at times, tries to override that inner voice with chaos. Thank you, Gayle, for taking the time to clarify for me.


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