Success and Spirituality

Perhaps it is because of the recent partial eclipse, perhaps it is because of the imminent Mercury retrograde, or perhaps it is because I have heard too many questions from people who appear to be afraid of making their own decisions, but here is the question that keeps coming up for me … Are you finding yourself unable to make a decision? And, if so, are you afraid of making the wrong decision?

Lately, I have found myself being presented with people who are afraid of making decisions; fearful of making ‘the wrong one’, looking foolish, or wasting their time doing something they might have to undo at a later time. I understand the practice of pondering a decision, weighing the pro’s and con’s, and allowing ‘logic’ to do its measured thing. I also understand (and generally practice) the concept of going with your gut instinct, and for the most part, setting logic aside.

What constitutes a ‘wrong decision’? Is it a decision that renders something other than what you imagined or anticipated? Have you ever made the ‘right decision’ but still ended up with consequences you weren’t expecting? How many of those decisions were ‘fatal’ by nature? Causing you to lose everything you had worked for or causing you to lose all family and friends in the process?

When working in the corporate world I often heard the phrase ‘analysis paralysis’, when a person or organization missed opportunities because they were paralyzed in their process of outcome analysis. It became clear to me, and those around me, that no matter how much time, effort and energy you put into clearly understanding and ‘running the numbers’ on any situation, you can never know for certain how something will eventually turn out.

So what if your decision produces an outcome that doesn’t match up with what you had imagined? At least you made a decision, got off the fence of indecision and learned a little something you didn’t know before. Not making a decision leaves you sitting in the same hopeless spot you were sitting when you first started contemplating the situation; and, you will continue to sit there until time runs out or the situation eventually resolves itself. Why miss the opportunity to move forward? Or, to take a chance? To experience something unknown, unfamiliar, or unexpected?

If you deem your decision to be the ‘wrong one’ based on the initial outcome, does that mean you were unsuccessful in making a decision? Or, were you successful making the ‘right decision’ if the initial outcome appears to be what you were anticipating? Are you successful or unsuccessful if the outcome does not reflect your anticipated image but turns out to be a better outcome than you had ever imagined or could hope for?

Perhaps the problem lies in being too attached to any given outcome. Does it matter if the outcome reflects your desired or imagined results if it turns out to be a better answer to the situation?

The spiritual aspect of making a decision is in the trust you have in the eventual outcome. If you trust that the ‘right decision’ will be made regardless of what the initial outcome may look like, then you are adding weight to the ‘right decision’ side of the decision scale. Stepping beyond the paralyzing fear of making a ‘wrong decision’ puts you in front of the fear and ahead of those still trapped in their paralysis.

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